Join the WARA to Promote Art for Youth

I had the pleasure of talking to the High School Art teacher of Utah’s Delta High School, Craig Hansen, on the phone yesterday.

Craig has volunteered to become involved in the Western Art Rodeo Association for the purpose of raising funds to promote youth art programs and provide greater opportunities for youth through art.

Youth art programs are very dear to Craig’s heart because he sees the effects of diminishing opportunities daily.

As more youth art programs are being cut or eliminated from our schools, so are the hopes and dreams of young artists.

A message from Craig…

“As an art educator, I see progressively less emphasis placed on visual art and more in math, science, language arts, as well as vocational areas because these areas are funded differently than typical state education programs.  If it wasn’t for the $14,000 in grants over the 14 years that I have been here, I would have absolutely nothing to run my program on. Art programs are being cut or completely eliminated at a far greater pace than other programs.

…we used to be able to take our young artists to the homes and studios of such great artists as Michael Coleman, but we are no longer able to do that due to budget cuts and school policies.”

The Western Art Rodeo Association’s cause is to grow a wider, more educated public on the fundamental principles of fine art. This includes providing opportunities for our youth, and others just starting out in art, as well as more established artists. It is our goal to allow artists to create more art.

The WARA is very excited to have Craig working with us to provide an inside look at what it will take to make a difference in our youth art programs and education.

Watch for more information from Craig very soon.

There is no doubt that together, we are going to make a difference in many lives on this journey.

We invite you to make a difference and Join the WARA in this cause.

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2 Responses to Join the WARA to Promote Art for Youth

  1. Jeff Wolf December 12, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    The art industry not only needs to groom young creative minds, but also those who appreciate art and will someday become the collectors of the future. It is the art collector that keeps us all in business.

  2. Jeff Wolf December 14, 2010 at 3:19 pm #

    I would like to read more of Craig Hansen’s points of view. Maybe art should become a school sport in-order to gain funding, but I have daughters who competed in track and cross country and had the same difficulty in gaining any funding from the school. I think it is organizations like the WARA that will be the supporting factor in the education , development and promotion of up and coming artists.