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The 2012 Art Rodeos are on the schedule and detailed information is now available for each event.

Entry is NOW OPEN for both events.

First 2012 Art Rodeo Event

“The Heart of Montana” Western Art Rodeo, Show and Sale

  • Thank You to Everyone that Supported the W.A.R.A. and Our Artists at this Event.

Second 2012 Art Rodeo Event

  • We are sorry but this event has been cancelled this year.


All New for W.A.R.A. Members

Coming Soon

  • W.A.R.A. 2011 World Champions Crowned
  • New scoring / points system for 2012
  • More membership benefits, videos, products

 Visit the W.A.R.A. Online Store for All New W.A.R.A. Products!



Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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