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The Results of the 2018 New Year Classic, Online Western Art Rodeo have been posted!

Congratulations to all the artists who participated.

We applaud you for throwing your hat into the ring, competing against other great Western Artists!

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  1. Darwin Dower – Pleasant Perch
  2. Darwin Dower – Elements of Time
  3. Paul Waclo – 7 Foot Eagle


  1. Kim Taylor – Milk River
  2. Stacy Godberson – Earned Rest
  3. Jame Fain – Nike Bullfighter Shoes


  1. Rene Van Druten – Iroquois
  2. Jeff Wolf – The Wedding Ring
  3. Chris Navarro – Heck of a Wreck

Dry Medium

  1. Steve Johnson – Buffalo Soldier
  2. Julie Howard – Dream Job
  3. Steve Johnson – Tina

Wet Medium

  1. Steve Johnson – Bridled Passions
  2. Mary Wood – TATANKA!
  3. Steve Johnson – Hand of Providence

World Standings Update

The W.A.R.A. World Standings and the World Standing points system have been updated to include the top 20 artists in each category.

The top 20 artists in each category in each competition are awarded World Standing points based on the following table.

1st Place – 200 points

2nd Place – 190 points

3rd Place – 180 points

4th Place – 170 points

5th Place – 160 points

and so on down to 20th Place (10 points)

If an artist enters multiple pieces in the same category, he/she only receives World Standing Points for their top entry.

Only W.A.R.A. Premium and Contestant Members receive World Standing points.

The 2018 Spring Challenge is Off to a Great Start!


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Here are some of the Latest Entries

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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