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2019 WARA Online Western Art Rodeo Competition Format


There will be 9 Online Western Art Rodeo Competitions in 2019.  (View the Schedule)


All contestants must be current WARA Contestant or Premium Members to be eligible for entry.  (Join Here)

Event Rundown (The Short Version)

  • WARA Members will submit finished works of art into the competition.
  • Categories include Wet Medium, Dry Medium, Photography and 3D Artwork.
  • All entries are ranked from 1-10 by the WARA Art Directors based on Fine Art Principles.
  • The top 20 highest average scoring pieces are sent to the WARA Judges for final ranking order placement.
  • All Works of Art entered are promoted on WARA Social Media Platforms
  • Top Scoring Pieces are Promoted even further on our Website and more
  • WARA Judges will determine final ranking order and World Standing Points will be awarded for the Top 20 pieces in each category. (200 Points for 1st place, 190 for 2nd, 180 for 3rd and so on down to 10 points for 20th place)
  • Prize Money is awarded to the Top Scoring Entries in each Category – See Prizes in Official Rules for Payout Schedule
  • Public Voting determines the People’s Choice Winner. Each person is allowed to vote one time for each of their favorite pieces during each competition. The earlier you enter, the more time you will have to get public votes and the more exposure you will receive for your artwork!

Entry Details

  • Contestants may enter as many pieces as they choose to enter but only their highest scoring piece in each category will receive World Standing Points.
  • All entries qualify for  promotion on WARA Social Media Channels.
  • All entries are eligible to receive feedback / critique for their entry from the WARA Directors.

World Standing Points

World Standing Points are awarded to the Top 20 artists in each category of each competition based on the following schedule:

  • 1st Place = 200 Points
  • 2nd Place = 190 Points
  • 3rd Place = 180 Points
  • 4th Place = 170 Points
  • 5th Place = 160 Points
  • 6th Place = 150 Points
  • 7th Place = 140 Points
  • 8th Place = 130 Points
  • 9th Place = 120 Points
  • 10th Place = 110 Points
  • and so on down to 20th Place = 10 Points

Each WARA Member will only receive World Standing Points for his/her highest scoring piece in each category.

Artists may enter multiple categories and receive World Standing Points in each category. However, there is no All Around (combined) score.

Best of Show – 25 Points

Best of Show is the awarded to the entry with the highest overall average score from the WARA Judges in each competition.  Best of Show will receive an additional 25 World Standing Points in the category entered.

Example: John’s enters an Oil Painting into the competition in the Wet Medium category. His entry receives the highest overall score of any entry in the competition throughout all categories. John wins Best of Show. John receives an additional 25 points in the Wet Medium World Standings.



  • No works of art entered into previous WARA Online Western Art Rodeo Competitions are allowed to be entered again in 2019.
  • Any contestant in violation of this policy will have the entry disqualified from the event without refund.


There will be 4 Categories in 2019, they are:

  • Wet Medium (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, etc.)
  • Dry Medium ( Pastels, Pencil, etc.)
  • Photography
  • 3d Works (All 3 dimensional works of art)

Judging Process

  • All Entries are initially ranked from 1-10 by the WARA Art Directors.
  • At the end of the Entry Period, all WARA Directors scores are averaged.
  • The highest average scoring works of art in each category are sent to the WARA judges  for final order placement.
  • WARA Judges determine the final order of each category.
  • World Standing points are awarded for the Top 20 places in each category. (200 points for 1st place, 190 for 2nd place, 180 for 3rd place and so on…down to 10 points for 20th place.


  • All Contestants must be WARA Contestant members or above. A contestant membership is $50 per year. (details here)
  • There is a $20 entry fee per piece.
  • $10 of the entry fee goes towards Prize Money for the category entered.


  • What’s in the WARA for those artists that don’t score high enough for promotion and World Standing points?
    • All WARA Members will have opportunity to grow, learn and improve through art critiques, online lessons, and the WARA mentor program.
  • Why only display the Top pieces instead of promoting all the entries?
    • One Goal of the WARA is to represent the Best Western Artists in the World. Hence, displaying only the Top pieces in each event.

People’s Choice

  • We encourage everyone to share the amazing artwork from WARA Members. However, Public Voting only determines the People’s Choice Winner. 
  • Each person is allowed 1 vote for each of his/her favorite works of art during each competition.
  • People’s Choice award is a WARA Flipbook and Yeti Mug.
  • World Standing Points are not awarded by public votes. 

2019 World Finals Western Art Rodeo Competition

The Top artists in the World Standings at the end of the 2019 Competition Circuit will earn the right to compete in the Western Art Rodeo World Finals.

The Finals will consist of 3 Rounds of Competition. 2 long rounds and one short or final round.

This will be an elimination format.

The Process to Enter is as follows:

Pay the Entry Fee ($60 – 50% goes towards prize money in the category entered)

Upload 3 Photos of your work (1 for each round of competition)

Entries for each round of competition will be displayed during the competition dates.


Round 1 (Public Voting December 3-7, 2019)

  • All contestants will enter 1 piece
  • Judges will score all entries and award points based on the following schedule:
    • 1st place = 1200 points
    • 2nd place = 1140 points,
    • 3rd place = 1080 points
    • 4th place = 1020 points
    • 5th place = 960 points
    • 6th place = 900 points
    • 7th place = 840 points
    • 8th place = 780 points
    • and so on down to 20th place = 60 points.

Round 2 (Public Voting December 10-14, 2019)

  • Round 2 will feature 1 piece from each qualifying member.
  • Judges will score all entries and award points based on same points schedule as Round 1.


After Round 2, the points for from Round 1 and Round 2 will be added together to give each contestant a combined points total.

The Top 8 artists in the combined points will move on to Round 3.

Round 3 – Final Round (Public Voting December 17-21, 2019)

  • Only the Top 8 artists in combined points from Rounds 1 and 2 will compete in Round 3.
  • Judges will score the 8 pieces and award points based on the following schedule:
    • 1st place = 2400 points
    • 2nd place = 2280 points,
    • 3rd place = 2160 points
    • 4th place = 2040 points
    • 5th place = 1920 points
    • 6th place = 1800 points
    • 7th place = 1680 points
    • 8th place = 1560 points

How to Win a World Championship

Points accumulated from all rounds of the World Finals Event will be totaled for each contestant, then added to the cumulative points total for the 2019 event circuit to determine the World Champion Artist.

The World Champion will be the contestant with the highest combined total in all 2019 events, including the Finals.


World Champions will receive:

  • Title of WARA 2019 World Champion Artist
  • WARA World Championship Buckle
  • Featured placement/promotion on the WARA Website and Social Media Channels
  • Prize Money in Each Round – 50% for 1st Place (2nd place will receive 30% and 3rd place 20%)
Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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