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Indian Girl Photography by Erika HaightAs you probably know by now, the W.A.R.A. is just different enough, that it takes a while to explain the concept, how it is different, what makes it unique, how it will promote Western Artists and more. Even when these items are covered in detail, and explained over and over, there is still that fear of change that rests inside each and every one of us. Artists that have been showing, competing and displaying for years know the results. It’s always a gamble. There are no guarantees. They are used to the routine by now.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is a friend to all Western Artists and all organizations that promote Western Art. The format is structured to easily be added to any traditional art show. We believe that the more organizations there are promoting Western Art, the better it is for all Western Artists.

Erika Haight posted this on Facebook yesterday and I wanted to share it with everyone.

Dear Fellow Western Artists,

I have been following closely on the comments on the Western Art Rodeo Association Competition. I truly hope that you have all taken the initiative to read into what it is, and means to all of us western artists.

I myself am an artist who has been featured in the Gallery Tour Section of Cowboys & Indians Magazine, on the cover of RANGE Magazine, and have entered more contests than I care to count. It seems strange to me that will all that success, I am still having problems marketing my work.

So, after all the contests I can possibly find online to enter, I then start to look for local shows where I can display my work and hopefully make back some money to pay for all those $25.00 contest entry fees… You know what I am talking about … RIGHT????

Juried Art

$10.00 – $150.00 per piece/portfolio

You are then juried by an unknown individual or group, and are competing against thousands of other artists who are just as talented as you are.

So, you receive your acceptance letter… Yes, you are one of the lucky who has been chosen to participate in their show…….

Booth Fee

$50.00 – $3000.00

Please don’t forget travel and gas expenses, time to set up your booth, or the unknown … who is going to show up???

The Western Art Rodeo Competition is a new opportunity for all of us Western Artists to be able to display, share, and combine our work in a beautiful gallery setting, filled with Western Art Collectors, Gallery Owners, and Private Collectors that are specifically looking for WESTERN FINE ART … NOT CRAFTS. Collectors that share the same passion and love for our Western heritage ~ what better crowd to share your talents with???

This is not just a, “SPORT,” nor is it for the faint of heart. This is a place where you can stand among the best of the best, and challenge yourself to a true competition. It is for those of us who are willing to take a leap of faith, try something different, and start promoting your work!

I have entered, and will be crossing that stage on April 29th & 30th… I hope you will join me! ♥ ** PASS IT ON **

Warm Regards,

Erika Haight

Photography by Erika HaightSpecial thanks to Erika for taking the time to educate yourself on the Concept of the W.A.R.A. and recognize that now is the time for change.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is, first and foremost, an organization designed and dedicated to promote Western Artists.

The W.A.R.A. will change the lives of many artists that are willing to recognize the opportunity and try something different. (After all, what would football be without the NFL?)

The art world is ready for change. The public demands entertainment, excitement and competition. It’s what works in today’s world. It’s time to introduce the World’s First Sport Featuring Art.



Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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