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The Western Art Rodeo Association is a grass roots movement to change the traditional and obsolete methods of promoting and marketing western art. We are introducing new and innovative concepts that will not only revive the interest in western art but also introduce cutting edge strategies of marketing. This is not only for art, but also for all art related products and services. This organization is designed to bring the industry together as a whole, working together for the betterment of all.

Change is the nucleus for progress. Now is the time for change.

The Western Art Rodeo Association (WARA) concept will establish integrity and professionalism through the aspect of live judging. Art will be recognized for its quality, and the consumer will become educated as to what constitutes quality.

The competition aspect will allow the quality to rise to the forefront though the merits of understanding, discipline, ability, and hard work. It will also set standards that each artist may strive to accomplish, to improve on and to be recognized for.

Like any non-physical sport, the Western Art Rodeo Association(WARA) is a new sport designed for artists – called Rodeos.

Jeff Wolf Sculpts Don Edwards - LIVE

Competitor level members of the WARA will register for events (rodeos) through the WARA Central Entry System. The entry fee for each event will be determined by the added prize money for each event.

The artist is required to pay an entrance fee on each piece of art entered and then compete for prize money, awards, and status recognition.

The goal is to create a competitive circuit where artists may compete at WARA sanctioned art rodeos throughout the world.

With each win, artists will gain points based on money won. These points will accumulate throughout the year.

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The top money winners in each event/medium will then compete at The National Finals Western Art Rodeo, our yearly Grand Finale Event, for top honors of the sport. Oil Painting by Brent Flory

It’s time to make a name for yourself in the art world.

It’s time to get Sponsors on board with artists.

It’s time to let the Best Artists Rise to the Top by the Merit of their Work.

It’s time for WARA.

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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