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“Ace” – The Best Western Art in the World

Get your Artwork Published

Featuring amazing works of art by exceptional creators, this full-color collection showcases an international community of artists working in different mediums of Western Art including painting, drawing, pastels, charcoal, pencil, carvings, photography, sculpture, silver, leatherwork and more.

The best Western Artists from all over the world have joined the Western Art Rodeo Association to compete for a World Title, the Championship Buckle and inclusion in the World’s Finest annual devoted exclusively to Western Art – “Ace” – Volume 1.

The purpose of “Ace” is to gain maximum exposure for the artwork and artists. “Ace” will be sold online and in bookstores. It will also be placed in the most exclusive areas and establishments such as high end hotels, resorts, designers, etc. in select locations around the Unites States.

Two Ways to Qualify

Enter the Current Online Western Art Rodeo

  • Your Entry will appear in the Competition
  • Your Entry will Receive Social Media Promotion
  • The public can vote/share your entry
  • Artwork is judged on Fine Art Principles
  • Winners are selected by W.A.R.A. Judges and Awarded World Standing Points
  • Compete for a World Title and Championship Buckle at the World Finals
  • All Entries Qualify for inclusion in “Ace”
  • Artists may enter as many pieces as they choose
  • $10/entry for W.A.R.A. Members, $20/entry for Non Members

This is the best choice for artists wanting promotion and exposure for their artwork while competing for a World Title and Championship Buckle.

Submit an Entry without Competing

  • Entries will be kept confidential and will not appear online or be promoted.
  • No World Standing points or Public Voting
  • Entries will be judged on the same art principles by W.A.R.A. Judges
  • You’ll be notified if it is selected for “Ace” when publishing is finalized.
  • Artist may enter as many entries as they’d like considered for “Ace”.
  • $20/entry for W.A.R.A. Members, $40/entry for Non Members

This choice is for artists who would like to submit for inclusion in  “Ace” but do not want exposure for their artwork or to compete in events. Nobody will see the entry unless your entry is selected for “Ace” – then they’ll know when they see the book!

Below is a simple mockup of “Ace”. It is intended to give an idea for what the book will be, it is not the finished product.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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