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April BrauneisEven though I was born and lived in British Columbia, Canada for most of my life, I have always loved Western art and the western life-style. I now live in Washington State, US, which is, of course, much the same as BC. I never did get to move to Wyoming or Montana, which was always a desire of mine. Life just didn’t go that way.

Aw well. Up until my late twenties, I was drawing or painting every day, being heavily influenced by Charlie Russell. During this time, I went to art school, but it was not a good place for me. Back in those days (giving my age away, here) we didn’t have the internet where you could get on-line and explore different colleges, etc., you just attended the one in your area. Mistake!

My passion for ‘cowboy’ art was squashed. I was ridiculed, told that it was stupid, and why bother, since nobody bought that kind of stuff anymore. They tried to pigeonĀ  hole me into doing ocean scapes or West Coast totem poles. Emily Carr was the painter to aspire to. I lost my passion for art.

Jump forward twenty years. My first marriage ended and I found myself in my own space again. My passion began to re-assert itself. I started out doing animal/pet portraits, because I found I had a natural knack for it, and I could make some extra money doing them.

April Brauneis - Dog

Now that I am retired, I can devote more of my time to creativity, and my desire to get back to my roots of Western art has hit me hard. I’m still rusty, after such a long hiatus, but improvement will come, and I’m having the greatest time of my life.

Getting to know about all the different Cowboy Art shows and associations has been quite a thrill. I figure, the more I can get involved now, while I’m improving, then the more opportunities there will be as I progress. Nothing like getting your foot in the door.

I am married a second time, to a man who is very supportive of my creative endeavors, and life is good. I’ve always had a horse, even though there were plenty of times when I couldn’t afford one. I generally have a dog as well, but our last dog passed away a year ago, and we’re not quite ready for another one yet. It’ll happen.

Got Treats - April Brauneis Horse-April Brauneis Horse-April Brauneis Artwork by April Brauneis

The Western Art Rodeo is proud to have April as a Premium Member. Keep up the good work April!

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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