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"Pooped" by Western Sculptor - Jeff WolfTo Enter a Traditional Art Show:

1. You must have your artwork photographed. Typically, $75.00 to $125.00 per work photographed.

2.  You must be invited to enter.

3. You then fill out and mail entry form and photos for pre jury selection process.

4.  You pay the jury fee per piece entered, typically $10.00 to $20.00.

5.  You wait to see if they accept you into the show.

6.  If accepted, you send booth fee. ($150.00 to $1600.00 average.)

Compare this to a Western Art Rodeo Event

To enter a Western Art Rodeo:

1.  Become a Member, Register for an Event Online via the WARA central entry office. ( No photographs required).

2.  Pay your entrance fee upon registration.

3.  Submit (one time) self portrait and 100 word self biography to WARA

4.  Bring your work and compete for prize money.

More WARA Event Details found here.


Traditional Art Show: Every show is different and has it’s own unique set of rules.

WARA Rodeo: A competitive circuit where rule remain the same for every event.


Art Show: You are forgotten as soon as you pack up to leave till next year.

WARA: We market and promote our  members year around through the latest cutting edge online marking techniques.

Show Arena

Art Show: Set up a booth in hopes that someone shows up and purchases your work.

WARA Rodeo : Ask yourself, if artists are creating and entering their very best work for competition where would you go to shop?

(Not to mention that you will get the chance to watch it being judged live.)


Art Shows: Artist submit the work they want judged, judging is done in secret and you may win a ribbon, plaque or possibly some cash.

There are no reason of choice given to the artists or public of that constituted the judges decision.

WARA: All judging is live and in-front of a live audience. If you win, you win prize money.

WARA judges are subject to live criticism from the audience.

In addition, the artist may pay a minimal critiquing fee and have their work critiqued by the judges after the competition.

Endorsements and Sponsorship

Traditional Art Show: Zero, None, Zilch, Nada, Nothing.

WARA:  As the first ever sport featuring art,  the WARA is the first art organization to introduce the concept of sponsorship and endorsement to this billion dollar industry.

Traditional Art Show Overview

Traditional art shows are completely individualized. Meaning that they are only for themselves or their local community.

They may advertise their show, produce an elegant catalog of their participating artists with event schedule and so forth, but that is where it ends.

They do not promote the artist any further after the show concludes. The traditional art show may have a competition where the judging is done behind closed doors, and may even have cash awards, the winners on occasion, may be featured in art publication, but the promotion ends the same day the show ends.

Charro Wooden Saddle Sculpture by Darwin DowerCompare this to the Western Art Rodeo Association

The Western Art Rodeo Concept Overview

The Western Art Rodeo concept was closely patented after traditional rodeo competition.  Artist enters the art rodeo, pays and entrance fee and competes for prize money and status.

We also plan to establish an art rodeo circuit by privately producing art rodeos, promoting our concept to existing art show committees, introduce the concept to show promoters, and corporations throughout the U.S..

Artist will compete throughout the U.S. on the art rodeo circuit in-order to gain points based on money won.

These accumulated points gained during the regular season will qualify them to compete in a year-end finale “ The National Finals Western Art Rodeo” for a world title.

This concept, for the first time in history, will Nationalize the art industry.  Also for the first time ever,  artists will compete Nationally, belonging to the same organization and playing by the same rules at each and every event.

This creates a whole new marketing tool for the art industry and related products and services.

The WARA is the first art organization to introduce sponsorship and endorsement to this billion dollar industry.

As with any other professional sport,  artists gain championship status, their names become a  nationally recognized symbol of excellence – therefore becoming highly marketable entities.

By endorsing artists and becoming corporate partners, these product and services are promoted on a much higher personal, National, and International basis to literally Millions of consumers.

The WARA as a professional organization provides a forum for large corporations and large art related products and service companies to further promote and market their products just as any other professional event such as golf, tennis, rodeos and many others.


"The Messenger" by Al Hone - Hones Design Studio“Contention of two or more for the same object or for superiority; rivalry”.

The independent endeavor of two or more persons to obtain the business patronage of a third by offering more advantageous terms; also, the conditions which this endeavor produces”.

Competition has been a fact of life since the beginning of time. Whether it be animal, plant, or human. Competition is the meter that determines superiority, and excellence.

Without competition, improvement, quality, and superiority would be of little importance.

Competition has played a vital role in the evolution of art. It has also severed as an educational tool for the art enthusiast.

The art juror is responsible for selecting the highest quality work of the show or event indicating to the public that the work contains the most artistic principles. Therefore qualifying it as, “The best the show has to offer”.

Unfortunately,  in many cases the traditional art show jury process has been tainted with politics.

Traditional Art Organizations and Art Shows vs.  The Western Art Rodeo Association


Traditional Art Organization Overview

1.  To become a member, one must be approved by organization members, bring a following of collectors to the group, and must be personally liked by group.

2.  Must produce work consistent with the groups pre conceived idea of the type, quality, and subject matter.

3.  Must be a proven art professional.

4.  Must have attained national recognition.

This closed-minded approach drastically limits possibilities for great unrecognized artist from becoming recognized for the quality they produce.

Grizzly Intent by Tobin Capp - Bear Tracks BronzeTraditional Art Shows Overview

1.  Provides a place to potentially sell art work.

2.  May give awards.

3.  Has a reception and possibly an auction.

4.  Juried is done behind closed doors.

5.  Promotes to one proven audience. (Known art collectors)

6.  As mentioned above, in many instances artist have to jump through numerous hoops to even participate.

7.  When the show is over, a pat on the back,  hope you did well, thank you for coming, see you next year.

This is all the artist can expect from the show organizers.  (No additional promotion)

These two traditional examples have proven to be valid and a viable means of marketing art, however the WARA is introducing the future of not only the marketing of art, but the marketing fo the entire industry.

Wara Official Logo ImageThe Western Art Rodeo Association


There is currently 8,200 professional Western Artist, and an estimated ten times that amount that have yet to gain professional status. This does not include landscape or wildlife artists, meaning that there are literally thousands of artist that can become a member of the WARA just by having the desire to join and compete.

Each an every one of these artist are continually searching for a better way to market their work and to become recognized.  Each year artists spend literally millions of dollars trying to promote their work to the consumer.

It is the WARA’s firm belief that by providing the ultimate marketing venue for these artist and art related products and services, it will capitalize on a major portion of these promotional dollars.

WARA Membership advantages:

1.  Provide the ultimate sales venue. In-order to win, each artist will be entering their very finest works.  The three panel judging system provides integrity of quality for the collector. The event provides education, excitement, and drama.

2.  There is no discrimination towards status, age, race, or sex.

3.  The WARA news publication constantly promote artists, art rodeos, and art related products and services, and also our corporate partners, while keeping the fans up to date on all the latest WARA information.  The WARA news publication will also feature an accumulative points standing of the top 20 contestants of each event/medium, and list pertinent information on all up coming events.

4.  Creates a competitive circuit that artist can compete on while belonging to the same organization.

5.  All works are judged on the merits of quality by three qualified and  approved judges. ( there will be no people choice awards! ) WARA judges are the most highly qualified authorities and will determine all winners.

"In Her Finest" by Brent Flory Fine Art6.  All works are to be judge in-front of a live audience.

7.  Winners are selected solely on quality, and the usage of proven art principles.

8.  Artists have the opportunity to compete for a world title.

9.  Through this competitive style format art quality in general will drastically improve.

10.  WARA is utilizing the most innovative media technology in-order to reach millions of people world-wide.

11.  All associated members will have access to our media department.

12. The introduction of a new sport and all the marketing potential surrounding it.

13.  WARA is not a show! it is an event featuring celebrities of a new sport, education, entertainment, drama of competition, demonstrations and lectures.

15.  Anyone can become a member whether you are an artist, collector, corporation, or enthusiast all may be a part of this exciting  new sport.

The WARA is not just another art organization it is the future!


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