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Barb Schacher, Western Art and Wildlife Artist

Realistic Wildlife, Western Art and Commissioned Pastel Paintings

Barb Schacher is a self-taught pencil and pastel artist who specializes in Western Art, Wildlife Art and Commissioned artwork. While her work is primarily in graphite pencil and pastel, she also enjoys learning and creating with new materials and is interested in exploring many other mediums, as well.

Most of the inspiration for her artwork comes from growing up on a small cattle ranch and living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with its gorgeous, wild scenery and abundant wildlife. Horses were a huge, inspirational, and very impressionable part of her childhood on the family ranch overlooking the beautiful Clearwater River Valley and picturesque Kamiah, Idaho.

When she wasn’t riding horses, she was sketching them or dreaming about them during school classes! The horses she rode were “multi-purpose” ranch horses. They were trained by her dad and used to herd cattle, pack into the surrounding mountains during hunting season (or to fish pristine mountain lakes) and in the arena to compete in local gymkhanas and area rodeos, as well.

After becoming an adult, “life” took over, as it does. As a result, Barb never picked up a pencil to draw for years. However, in recent years, she decided to give art a “shot” and began drawing again. Having not had an opportunity for formal training, she simply searched the Internet to find out what materials to use to “do it right” and to study drawing/painting techniques of artists she admired. As a result, she ended up learning a great deal from watching YouTube and FaceBook videos created by other western and equine artists. As a business owner, wife and mother, being able to learn from home this way is really what has enabled her to take up her cherished art once again.

After many years, she has also recently bought a horse or two! And, because of another favorite part of her childhood (Pete, the family cattle dog) she is now raising Aussie’s.

In general, Barb’s artwork reflects the things she has always cherished and is most familiar with. Subjects that she loves and enjoys drawing… horses, cattle, ranch dogs, wildlife and most anything “country” or “western”. Her artwork is something she really and truly enjoys. It’s also playing a role (along with the horses and cattle dogs) in creating – or returning to – a lifestyle and life she has always loved!

Barb is a member of the WARA – Western Art Rodeo Association, Pencil Art Society, and the Northwest Pastel Society. For more information about her art, Fine Art originals or to commission artwork, you can contact her at:

Barb Schacher Fine Art

6071 Bead Lake Rd.

Newport, WA 99156

Ph: (509) 671-2606


Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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