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Jeff Wolf is in the process of completing his latest Bronze Sculpture titled “Rodeo”.

Rodeo - Bronze Sculpture by Jeff WolfIn Jeff’s own Words:

“The concept was the most difficult part of the sculpture. Massing three full figures together to make one piece yet displaying each figure as an individual while pulling the eye from one point of interest to another in a flowing manner, much like creating visual music.  It is my belief that subject matter is just a great excuse to create a great design and this one was not only a challenge but I also feel it was a great personal accomplishment.

It took three months to perfect the design and another three months to sculpt the model.  From the model it went through a point up process where photos are taken with a special camera from all angles, then the model is dissected / cut apart, and those individual parts are photographed.

Rodeo - Bronze Sculpture by Jeff WolfOnce the photos have been calculated to the desired size they are then transferred to a computer that is linked to a milling machine. The milling machine mills separate parts out of large foam blocks, the milled blocks are assembled and glued in place much like a 3-D puzzle. 

There is still quite a bit of fine tuning that needs to be done to the foam armature before the clay is applied. Once everything looks right, the clay is heated to a thick liquid state and brushed on. This method allows the clay to stick to the foam. After several thin coats are applied the sculpting begins.  The only real shortcut to this is not having to create the armature from scratch and all that goes along with scaling-up and proportions.

Bucking Horse Bronze Sculpture by Jeff WolfOnce I complete the sculpture in clay and approved by the consignees, it will go the Northwest Art Castings in Bozeman, MT to be molded and cast in bronze.  The monument will be ready for delivery by the first of August.

Having competed in rodeo was a major factor in the authenticity and accuracy.  I know a lot of non rodeo sculptors would have taken on this project for the money, but without my rodeo background and over 25 years of developing my skills, I wouldn’t have touch it with a ten foot pole.

Just too many people out there who could and would pick it apart if it wasn’t pretty darn accurate and I surely don’t need any negative exposure .

Bucking Horse and Bucking Bull Rodeo SculptureThe textures I have choose also play a big part of the artistic presentation.  I want to present this as a true work of art rather than a mere perfect depiction rendered from photos or photo realistic.  Therefore nothing is smoothed or slick, each aspect has texture that will trick the eye into the illusion of motion creating a more dramatic and emotional experience for the viewer.  I feel that the real trick to art is that nothing is real but it should be executed in a way that it creates the illusion of reality. There is a lot going on in this piece and it will undoubtedly take the viewer some time to take it all in, which is the goal.”

 Jeff Wolf's Monument of Cowboys in Action - "Rodeo" Jeff Wolf's Rodeo Sculpture titled "Rodeo"

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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