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Wara Official Logo ImageWe are less than 1 week from the deadline to Enter the Spring Challenge at Sundance Event.

Deadline to Enter is April 1, 2011. Online Entry only.

This is the World’s First  Art Rodeo – The introduction of a New Sport.

We hope you will choose to become involved at ground level.

There will never be another first, this is THE BIG SHOW.

Call for Entries

Invitation to the Spring Challenge at Sundance - Painting by Brent FloryThe Western Art Rodeo Association announces a call for entries for the Spring Challenge at Sundance.

The World’s First Sport featuring Art will be held at Robert Redford’s World Famous Sundance Resort.

Events include Western Sculpture, Carving, Drawing, Oil Painting, Water Color and Photography.

Don’t miss this amazing opportunity to be involved at ground level – April 29, 30 2011.

Entry deadline is April 1, 2011.

W.A.R.A. – bringing excitement, entertainment, education and involvement to traditional art shows – The Art Sport.

Join us at Sundance for the Event that will change everything for Western Artists.

Quick Links Sundance Event Page –   Event Criteria –   Entry Form –  F.A.Q.’s

What Makes a W.A.R.A. Art Rodeo Different?

  • Live Judging
  • Live Audience
  • Excitement, Education, Entertainment through Audience Participation
  • Critiquing from Judges
  • The World’s First Art Sport
  • Cutting Edge Marketing Strategies
  • Ongoing Promotion of Western Artists – Year Round!

This is Unlike any other Art Event you have ever attended! Let us prove it.

Jeff Wolf - Founder of the Western Art Rodeo AssociationA Message to all Western Artists –

As a budding sculptor many years ago, I was told this over and over again by artists and sculptors who were my mentors “Once your work becomes good enough it will sell itself”

Over the course of my career I have found that nothing sells itself! However, the better my work became the easier it was to sell. Most artists, I for one, no matter how good our work is, we have a hard time speaking out and promoting themselves.

It would be nice if someone else would do that for us so we could be content in creating.

This is the very thing the W.A.R.A. is providing to it’s members.

The chance to prove how good our work is and we don’t have to say a word, it will speak for itself and we will have to the opportunity to rise to the top on our own abilities.

I don’t know of one sport where the competitor members are afraid to compete. So why would artists be any different? We do it all the time!

– Jeff Wolf ,  founder of the Western Art Rodeo Association


Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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