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The WARA Concept

Front View of Craig Hone's Owl SculptureThe concept of the Western Art Rodeo Association is very simple if you are familiar with the PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association).

We hold a series of Online Competitions (art rodeos) throughout the year where artists compete (just like rodeos, only with finished works of art).

Points are accumulated at each art rodeo and posted in the World Standings. (Sounds like the PRCA, right?)

At the end of the Go Rounds, the top points earners are invited to compete for the title of World Champion at the World Finals.

World Champions receive the title of World Champion Artist, a WARA Championship Buckle, Prizes and recognition.

The Western Art Rodeo Association offers unparalleled promotion to Western Artists through a competition format, videos, social media marketing, live events, and more!

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How do I get my artwork promoted?

That’s easy. We run a series of competitions every year called Art Rodeos. When you submit an entry into any Art Rodeo, your artwork is ranked by the WARA Art Directors. If your entry is selected for the “rodeo”, it (and you)  are promoted through the competition and on all of the WARA social media channels.

What is "Ace"?

ACE - The Best Western Art“Ace” is the annual book published by the Western Art Rodeo Association.

The purpose of “Ace” and our singular agenda is the promotion of Western art and artists.

“Ace” will showcase the Best Western Art from each competition circuit.  The artwork chosen for the annual publication will be selected from the entries into the WARA Online Western Art Rodeo Competitions. 

“Ace” will not only promote the artists work, but will also serve as an invaluable resource book for artists, art directors, art buyers, publishers and agents world-wide. It is our goal to make “Ace” available for purchase online and in select retail locations. Of course this doesn’t happen overnight and will take time but our goal is to also send copies of the book to selected locations throughout the world including galleries, country clubs, hotels and more with the intent of generating additional work and exposure for the artists selected for inclusion in the annual.  The publication will be all about facilitating opportunities for artists and growing the audience for Western Art. 

The “excellence bar” continues to rise with every competition. The quality of artwork entered is the best in the world. The act of entering a WARA Western Art Rodeo does not guarantee inclusion in the book. Not everyone gets in.  The job of the WARA jury to make selections gets increasingly difficult. Not being selected is not a personal criticism of the artist, but having your work chosen by the judges is of significance.

What is an Art Rodeo?

An Art Rodeo is an Online Art Competition where completed works of Western Art are displayed, promoted and judged based on the principles of fine art.

How does an Art Rodeo work?

Competition Format

  • During each event entry period, WARA Members will submit a $10 entry fee, then upload entries to the competition. 
  • WARA Directors will rank each entry from 1-10 based on Fine Art Principles.
  • WARA Director Rankings (average of all) will determine the Top pieces in each event.
  • The Top entries ranked by the WARA Art Directors will be in “The Rodeo”.
  • “The Rodeo” will be published online during the following month for public voting and promotion.
  • WARA Judges will award places 1-10 from the pieces that make “The Rodeo” and Award Placing Points
  • Points earned in each competition are posted in the World Standings
  • The Top Points earners in the World Standings are invited to enter the World Finals event at the end of the competition circuit.

How many Art Rodeos per year?

See the Current Schedule

All events in 2019 are ONLINE ONLY.


Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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