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Pleasant Perch by Darwin Dower - Wood SculptureIn addition to competing in the Western Art Rodeo Association Spring Challenge at Sundance, Darwin Dower will be participating in other art shows this Spring.

This is a great opportunity to see these amazing Western Wood Sculptures Darwin creates:

The Show Information is as follows:

  • The Robert and Peggy Sears Dixie Invitational Art Show and Sale, February 18 – March 27 – 2011. Dixie State College Campus-St. George, Utah
  • The St. George Arts Festival April 22, 23, 2011 – St. George, Utah

Darwin Dower with a Wooden Saddle Wood Sculpture

If you get by these events and get the opportunity to see Darwin’s work, you won’t be disappointed.

To learn more about Darwin Dower, play the video below.

We are looking forward to seeing what Darwin brings to the Spring Challenge at Sundance.

Spring Challenge Info – Event Criteria and InformationRegistration Entry Form.

First Impressions are Everything

Russ Larsen - Owner of Taking Aim Marketing and CEO of the W.A.R.A.

The Western Art Rodeo Association loves to promote our members and the artwork they create.

Unlike some other art organizations, the promotion doesn’t stop with the event. We promote our members year round to get maximum exposure for our members and their artwork.

Here’s an example and a little story about Darwin Dower:

When Darwin Dower first came to me and asked me to re-work, or take-over his current website, he told me that he would like to be recognized (and found online) as the World’s Foremost Western Wood Sculptor.

I set out to re-create his website in a way that Darwin would be found online (using Search Engine Optimization and other fancy internet marketing words and terms), and recognized for the quality of work he creates.

Now, I can’t take all the credit, Darwin makes my job easy by providing great information and professional pictures of every wood sculpture he creates. He takes his work seriously and understands that how it is presented is important. First Impressions are Everything.

To make a long story short – Darwin is now recognized as the World’s Foremost Western Wood Sculptor, if you don’t believe me, just ask Google . Go ahead, go to Google right now and type it in – see what comes up.

Not good enough – then type in Western Wood Sculpture or maybe Western Wood Sculptor, maybe try Wood Saddle Sculptures. Now, I don’t own or control Google (I sure wish I did), so I can’t guarantee what will come up for you, but I am betting Darwin Dower will come up somewhere near the top of all the related terms to Western Wood Sculptor.

Let the W.A.R.A. start promoting your artwork and art career by Joining the W.A.R.A. today.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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