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The Gallery at Sundance - The Spring Challenge - WARAIt’s finally here, the first post production video from the World’s First Art Sport Event.

The video below will give you a small taste for the energy and excitement that was generated at the Inaugural Event of the Western Art Rodeo Association.

Fine Western Artists from all over the country, including Oil Painters, Sculptors, Dry Medium Artists, Photographers and Carvers, displayed their work in the breathtaking gallery for the weekend.

However, this was only the beginning, the real excitement came as the artwork began to be staged for the Competition Go Rounds. The artwork was brought onto stage in drawing order, similar to a rodeo, and presented LIVE to the audience and judges. The judges had 1 minute to score the piece from 1-33 points based on the principles of art. The three scores were then combined for a final score of the piece.



As the judges were scoring the piece, the artist had the opportunity to tell the audience about the piece and the inspiration for creating it. It was a sight to see as artists transformed into celebrities right before our eyes.

As the score of the piece was announced and put on the big screen, the crowd was free to cheer, or boo – depending on how they felt about the decision.

The audience was also given their own score card to play along with the judges and see how well they know the art principles.

Demonstration were also held in various places throughout the event, educating the public (and artists) on the different aspects of fine art.

In the end, everyone went home a winner. Some received prize money for winning their category, others sold pieces in the gallery, and everyone left with great friends and the inspiration and education necessary to improve their artwork.

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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