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 Fall Shootout Results:

Event Champion People’s Choice
Wet Medium Don Weller  Brent Flory
Photography Erika Haight  Erika Haight
Dry Medium Steve Johnson  Doug Monson
Carving Jose Valencia  Dyke Roskelley
Sculpture Bob Burkhart  Mary Michael
WARA Fall Shootout Champions

How the Event Worked:

Champions received a Butch Cassidy Sculpture by Jeff WolfThe Gallery at the Event:

Each contestant brought a minimum of 3 pieces to display in the WARA Gallery inside the library of Wasatch High School during the Cowboy Poetry Gathering.

The gallery was set up for the public to view throughout the weekend.

The Rounds of Competition:

There were three rounds of competition, 2 Short Go Rounds and 1 Final  Go Round.

At the time of the First Go Round, each artist selected one of their pieces to compete. The piece was brought in front of a live audience and three judges (American Idol Style) and scored on the principles of fine art. The crowd cheered for the artists and the artists had the opportunity to tell the audience about the piece. The event was kept lively by a Professional Rodeo Announcer, Brent Jordan, of Jordan Pro Rodeo. The top 3 places were awarded prize money, while the top 4 places qualified for the Final Go Round.

The second round worked the same as the first round, only artists selected another piece to compete. Again, the top 3 places were paid prize money, while the top 4 qualified for the Final Go Round.

Each artist was only allowed into the Final Go Round with their highest scoring piece from Round 1 or Round 2. Therefore, artists that may not have placed in the top 4 in rounds 1 or 2 were qualified for the Final Go Round.

The Final Go Round consisted of the artists showing (and competing) with their third work of art. This score was added to their highest qualifying score from Round 1 or 2, for a combined total score.

Overall Champions were crowned based on their combined score. (Their qualifying score plus their final Go Round Score)

Congratulations to our Champions and all Artist Contestants. You are truly all winners for putting your artwork on the line.

More images from the Event:

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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