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Fine Art Principles

One of the goals of the W.A.R.A. is to educate the public on Fine Art Principles, creating a new appreciation for fine art; resulting in more art sales for our members.

Hundreds of years of study have gone into the development of fine art renaissance realism principles and all great works of art in the realm of realism are comprised by using these principles. No matter the method or medium used to create fine art, these principles cannot be ignored if the goal is in-fact to create what is to be considered a masterpiece of realistic fine art.

Great works of art go far beyond mere depiction or how well a photograph is rendered in a different medium. It also goes beyond the level of craftsmanship or manner of difficulty in-which the work was created.

Art has the responsibility of not only being pleasing to the eye, but should draw the viewer into the creator’s world by stirring emotion, arousing the imagination, creating a sense of connection or familiarity by creating a mood, a place and time, while sending a message to the viewer that demands notice.

These are the fundamental principles of fine art used at all  W.A.R.A. Art Rodeos.

Fine Art Principles Flip Book – Available Now

30 Page Spiral Bound Flip Book featuring the Principles of Fine Art used in All Western Art Rodeo Competitions

One of the goals of the Western Art Rodeo Association is to educate the public on the principles of fine art. When someone understands the principles, they gain a new appreciation for art, resulting in more art sales.

We designed this flip book not only for the artists to know the principles the artwork is being judged on, but also as a tool for artists to distribute to anyone interested in fine art.

Each page contains one fine art principle with an explanation of the meaning and an image to demonstrate the principle applied.

Preview the Book – Flip Pages Below

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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