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Garland Weeks - World Renowned SculptorThe Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to have the support and endorsement of Garland Weeks, world renowned sculptor.

Garland was elected to full membership in the National Sculpture Society and to the National Academy of Western Art in 1990. As extra kudos, he was selected as the Official Sculptor of Texas in 1995 by the Texas State Legislature and was advanced to the status of “Fellow” by the National Sculpture Society in 2004, advancing further by being elected to the Board of Directors of the NSS in 2009. Read Garland’s Artist Statement Here.

To learn more about Garland Weeks, please visit http://www.garlandweeks.com.

The video below will show you one of Garland’s latest projects.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to have Garland Weeks as a supporting member.

See more of Garland Weeks Sculptures.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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