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Jeff Wolf - Western Bronze SculptorLets face it! Art is a luxury item. In a down economy luxury items take a back seat to necessities. Yet as artist we still need to make a living. So what are the alternatives?

Do we go to more shows? Pay for more advertising? Hound the galleries to make more sales? Do more online marketing? (which doesn’t work unless you have a complete understanding of the high tech world or pay a webmaster who does.)

Where can we turn and still make a living being artists?

I hate the term “starving artist” yet whether we want to admit it or not many of us are just that and have been during our entire career. Possibly having good months or even years yet our houses, cars or living conditions pale in comparison to that of the gallery owner, doctor, lawyer, actors and most all other professional career people.

It wasn’t that long ago that artists were revered and worshiped as celebrities. They were looked upon as geniuses equal to or even greater than doctors and such. They were the movie stars of the art renaissance era.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is providing the alternative. A way to make money regardless of sales through the quality of our creations.

A way to become a celebrity, and a way to be marketed year around with very little expense or effort. Making it possible for the artist to concentrate on creating greater works of art for competition thus creating the ultimate venue for sales.

Just ask yourself this one question…

If all artists were creating works of art to enter and compete with in-order to win prize money, as a collector, where would you go to purchase?

As an artist, what excuse are you going to use if you are not competing?

Here are several, but not including all the opportunities that the WARA is providing:

  • A structured set of principles to use as guidelines for improvement.
  • Live judging that will add integrity to your work and build confidence in the perceived value of your work to the collector.
  • A strong art educational infrastructure targeted to increase interest and understanding of quality art. Thus not only to the current art enthusiast but to groom a new generation of artist as well as collectors and enthusiast.

The WARA feels powerfully compelled to bring forth positive and dramatic change to the western art industry and provide new, innovative ways to promote western artists and western art as a whole.

The nucleus to make it happen is here. The pieces are in place, the opportunity is right in front of us.

But, the fact still remains – that it is you, THE ARTIST that will ultimately be responsible for this modern renaissance.

It is up to you…

You can stand by and watch it happen without you,  or seize this this opportunity to make sure it does happen.

It’s time for Western Artists to stand up, unite and make a difference. It’s time to allow artists to do what we do best – create art.

I personally invite you to join myself and other western artists including Brent Flory, Rowdy Barry, Bob Burkhart, Tobin Capp, Mary Michaels, Darwin Dower and many more in creating a new and exciting future for all.

Don’t sit around lurking in the shadows of tradition complaining about the current state of affairs and hoping things will change before it’s too late.

Stand up and make a difference! Be the Champion you are destined to be. Be the first Champion Artist of the World and know you made the difference!

I personally Invite you to Join Us Today and Be Part of the Solution for Artists – The Western Art Rodeo Association.

– Jeff Wolf

Join the WARA Today to Start Making a Difference for Artists

The Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to have Jeff Wolf as a member.

Thanks Jeff, for the leadership and inspiration you provide to all artists.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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