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Wooden Saddle Sculpture by Darwin Dower“What if my artwork isn’t good enough?”

“What if I don’t win?”

“I can’t compete with such great artists, my artwork is not that good.”

Over the past year, as I have introduced the concept of the Western Art Rodeo Association to others (ok, literally everyone I have talked to), I have heard phrases and questions such as this over and over.
My reply:
“What would spending time, surrounding yourself, with artists you view as superior to yourself, do for your artwork?”
“Can you think of one negative thing that would come from getting tips, advice, critiquing and friendship from top artists?”
“Can you think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to know how to improve your art?”
“Do you want to improve your art? Would you like expert advice?”

"Into the Canyon" by Mary Michael - Montana Bronze

“What if you are better than you think you are?”

The video below is Part 4 of our FAQ Interview series.

Jeff Wolf answers more of the common question we are receiving from artists, including:
  • Judging – This is nothing new (except for the LIVE aspect)? Who are the Judges?
  • Will I have the Opportunity to receive feedback/critiquing from the judges?
  • What if my artwork isn’t good enough?
  • What if I don’t Win?
  • Will I be embarrassed?
  • Why would I want to put myself or my artwork “out there?”

Before you play the video, I want to assure you that if you attend and compete in a W.A.R.A. Art Rodeo, you will have the opportunity to have your work critiqued by the judges. The critiquing you receive will be in a positive manner. No judge is going to tear down your artwork in any way. They will simply tell you why they judged the piece the way they did, and let you know what you could improve upon.

Play the Video below to see the interview and see how Jeff answers these questions.


While we are on this subject of being afraid to put yourself out there for feedback, I have to tell you a story that I have heard Jeff tell several (thousand) times. (just kidding Jeff)

In all seriousness, it’s a powerful story.

This is in my own words, so if any of you were there, forgive my mistakes.

"Drinking in the Light" by Brent Flory - Oil PaintingYou might not know this, but Jeff actually held a test WARA Art Rodeo in 2005. It was a smaller production, designed to “test the water” to see if the concept would fly. It was held in Cedar City, Utah and select artists were invited to attend and compete.

During the event, a young woman was sitting in the audience with a blank look on her face, somewhat starring into space. She had just had her first art piece judged live on stage. Her score was the lowest thus far of the entire competition.

Jeff seen her sitting there and worried that he had already hurt someone’s feelings. Someone was going to leave this test event having a bad experience. So Jeff went to her, sat beside her and asked, “So, What’s your take on this art rodeo thing?”

Her reply, “I have never been so inspired in my life. Know I know exactly what to do for next time. I can’t wait for the next Art Rodeo.”

Enough said.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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