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James R. Davis is a proud member of the Western Art Rodeo Association.

We would like to thank James for his support of the WARA and share his most recent Relief Carving Project (SOLD) with you.

Relief Wood Carving by James Davis

Here’s a little bit about James in his own words:

Wood carving and sculpting happened by chance, and also late in my life.  I was told at an early age, by an elementary teacher, that I had no artistic ability and I took that advice and never drew again ~until…

I always had an appreciation for nature and the outdoors, spending most vacations camping and hiking in the mountains.  One of my passions was flying my 1948 Stinson into backcountry airstrips, particularly in Idaho.  Artistic expression began with a camera lens, as I photographed scenery and wildlife.

In 2004, I retired to Hope, Idaho.  Up until that time my work was in a technical field as a senior network engineer.  But a chance meeting with Dr. Lew Jensen at a log home show, as he was demonstrating a high speed wood carving kit, changed my idea about the possibility of creating art.  I purchased the kit, and began practicing with different types of wood.  I made a lot of test pieces.  I discovered the joy of carving with wood was challenging, but very satisfying.  

A studio was built in 2007 and I spend many hours carving my favorite subjects, large animal wildlife.  Continuous study of anatomy and wildlife habits enables me to depict the correct composition of the particular animal I am carving. Currently I have some of my work at Northwest Handmade in Sandpoint, Idaho.      

I continue to learn and improve myself as an artist.  I have taken classes from Craig Hone and Jeff Wolf, expanding my creative work into sculpting.  Both have encouraged correct anatomy and detail with a strong composition.  Portraying wildlife carved in wood and in sculpture has given me incredible joy and a new perspective of my world.

Keep up the good work James, we look forward to seeing your future projects.

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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