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Jenny Briggs – Painter of Life and Memories

About Jenny Briggs

Jenny’s studio is in the “formal living room” of her home; she usually has at least three works in progress that rotate as she finishes each piece.  Her works are collected internationally, and she is known for creating a story in her paintings. Jenny invites you to step into the story and linger a while to discover or imagine the little stories within.  After more than twenty years of painting, she has become the Painter of Life and Memories, skillfully and deftly telling the stories of People, Animals, Birds, and Wildlife with her oil paintings.

Believing that every painting she creates is a special gift for someone, Jenny says “I imagine that person as I paint, and I’m so excited that I have the honor of creating a treasure for them.  God gave me this gift to share, and I feel so honored to be the one to make this art.”

A collector recently stated, “…so rich in wonderful colors…her creative use of color in an unexpected way brilliantly enhances the subject.”

To the question “What is your mission as an artist?”, Jenny answers, “It might seem too simplistic to some, but I love watching someone smile when they look at one of my paintings.  It means to me that it made them feel good, and that for a moment they are distracted from the hurts, worries, or stresses in their life.  I like that very much.  Imagine the good that can come from that!”

The Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to represent Jenny Briggs as a Premium Member of our Association of Western Artists!

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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