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Jerry Anderson teaching School Kids his techniquesJerry Anderson is recognized by many as the premier western and wildlife bronze sculptor of our day.

His work, characterized by its dramatic motion, strong design impact, and careful attention to anatomical and historical detail, has been exhibited and collected in every corner of America.

Jerry spent much of his youth traveling around the west with his father, who was a well driller. Those experiences sparked his life long infatuation with the people. the history and the ways of the old west.

Read more about Jerry’s inspiration, awards and artwork at Jerry Anderson Sculptures.com.

Play the Video below to see more of  Jerry’s Artwork.

Since beginning his full time pursuit of fine art, Jerry has quickly climbed the ladder of success. His work has been featured in many major art magazines, and we has won many different major art shows more than once. Many of Jerry’s most popular monuments can be found on display at Southern Utah University.

Jerry Anderson Sculpture

Every piece or work is a new adventure for Jerry. No two pieces are even remotely alike. His works vary from bears and elk, to cute little girls and cowboys. Jerry’s bronze pieces continue to climb in value with each passing day as art collectors world-wide add Jerry’s artwork to their collections.

What keeps Jerry coming back to his studio? “I still haven’t done my best piece.” he says.

For more information on Jerry Anderson and his Western Bronze Sculptures and Monuments, please visit http://www.jerryandersonsculptures.com/.

“Jerry is a great person to be around and his unselfishness and willingness to share his knowledge with others and give back to the community are quickly apparent to anyone that has the privilege of meeting him.” – Russ Larsen, W.A.R.A..

The Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to have Jerry Anderson as a member.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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