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Unlike other art organizations, in order to become a W.A.R.A. Premium Member, you don’t have to be the best or most accomplished artist in your field and you don’t have to bring a large collector base with you. It doesn’t even matter if nobody has ever heard of you, or you’ve never entered an art show in your life.

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Premium Member ($197/Year)

Contestant Member ($50/Year)

Sponsor Member ($35/Year)

Choose this level if you want to compete in W.A.R.A. Events, accumulate points to a World Title  and receive Year Round Promotion. Choose this level if you want to Compete in W.A.R.A. Events and accumulate points to a World Title. Choose this level if you want to be a contributing member of the W.A.R.A.


Memberships Renew Automatically One Year from the date you join and may be cancelled or upgraded at any time by Contacting the W.A.R.A.

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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