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Julie Howard

Artist Statement

My artistic goal has always been for my art to be an expression that, hopefully, invokes emotion within the viewer.

I believe that it is up to me, as an artist, to delve beyond just recognizing colors to using colors for their inherent qualities, towards a specific end. I choose colors – sometimes only black and white – to produce a certain mood or atmosphere; to create space, light, and shadow; or to introduce symbolic associations.


When you explore how color is used in works of art from different historical periods, you see that there is a great use to create meaning; direct the viewer’s eye; or express emotion.

A collection can be created around so many passions, interests, and pursuits. Cowboy art and, more broadly, art themed around the American West, is filled with an excitement within its adventurous spirit capturing the imagination.  With each piece, my goal is to reach into historic Americana recreating images that inspire thoughts of the amazing times in the past and what remains of the Old West today.

I strive to transport cowboy art and the art of the West into the contemporary arena, with images that reference cowboy art in the here and now.


J Howard Bio

Julie HowardJ. Howard has always been an artist. Her artistic journey began when she was a child in Houston, Texas, showing an early talent for drawing and painting. In junior high and high school she competed successfully in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo School Art competition. She studied art privately under well known Texas artist Gay Woods and became an art undergraduate at the University of Houston. In graduate school she studied animated art and the mechanics of visually aided learning while working in the graphics and film industries. For more than 25 years she has had a private mental health practice where she has utilized art therapy her in treatment plan.

Acclaimed for her vitality of colors, strength of composition and variety of subject matter, Howard creates vivid animated characteristics in every subject matter. Her talent expands into  colorful landscapes, vibrant still life, life-like portraits and all with an amazing understanding of storytelling.

Howard became a permanent member of the Southern Artist Group in 2016, a unique group of diverse talent representing the southern states of the U.S.  She was selected to be one of 10 women chosen for a national show at the Custom House Museum in Clarksville, TN in 2016. A recipient of numerous top awards, Howard was one of The Hunting Art Prize Top Finalists in 2016 and Platform Artist of the Year Top Ten Finalist in 2017. Her solo exhibitions in galleries and museums include a one-person retrospective of  “Life Speaks Texan” at the Saulsbury Gallery in 2017 ; National Emerging Artist 2017 Solo at the Ameristar Gallery; Cowboy True Selection 2018; Feature Artist Solo at the Western Art Museum in 2019 and a retrospective of graphic expression in pastels at the Custom House Museum in 2020.  She has recently become a member of the Western Art Rodeo Association and is exhibiting at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2018.

Widely published in books and magazines nationally and internationally, which include Art Reveal, Art Ascent, Art Quench and Pastel Art, J. Howard originals are also represented in many corporate and private collections. Her work ranges in size from small 6×6″ to 36x 50″.  She is currently a resident artist in several galleries across Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Visit Julie Howard’s Website to see more of her work.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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