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Linda Briesacher – Painting for the Wild Horses of the Sand Wash Basin


About Linda

When I retired a couple of years ago I decided to try my hand at painting.  It was something I had never done before, so I guess you would say I am an emerging artist.   It just took me a LONG time to emerge!  I started painting in oils, but over time made the move to acrylics and have pretty much stayed there.  I started out painting animals. No surprise, they have always been a big part of my life. And, horses were an early focus of my painting.

Picasso by Linda BriesacherI grew up on the back of a horse and have always loved them. When I found the wild horses of the Sand Wash Basin somehow it was like coming home to a place I’ve never been before (yeah I stole it, but it really does describe how I feel). The wild stallion Picasso was the first to steal my heart. Now all I want to paint are these wild horses. They have so much beauty and character. Luckily, people who visit them, watch out for their well-being, and photograph them have been very kind and generous in allowing me to use their photos as inspiration for my paintings. For that and all else they do for the horses, thank you. 

I too want to make a difference for the horses, so now I paint with a purpose.

All proceeds from the sales of original paintings, prints, and other items – less the actual cost to produce them – are donated to the Wild Horse Warriors of for the Sand Wash Basin.

You will find links to their pages on my website.  This is my way of giving back. I get to do something I love doing – painting – and with your help – buying – we make a difference in the lives of these magnificent horses. You have my sincere thanks for helping keep them free and safe. 

Contact Information

Email – paintedhorselb@gmail.com

View Gallery and Purchase Artwork including Originals and Prints at – https://lindabriesacher.com

Linda’s Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/paintedhorselb


Member, American Academy of Equine Art

Member, Western Art Rodeo Association


2018 American Academy of Equine Art Spring Showcase

2016-2017 Green Door Art Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2016 Randy Higbee Gallery “6 Squared”, Costa Mesa, CA

2015 AKC Museum of the Dog Group Exhibit, St. Louis, MO

2015 Green Door Art Gallery, St. Louis MO

The Western Art Rodeo Association is honored and proud to represent Linda Briesacher as a Premium Member.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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