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"Tried and True" by Lori DalrympleA traditional western artist, Lori Dalrymple was born and raised in rural southeastern Nebraska.  Brought up in a farming community, she was constantly surrounded by animals, and the cowboy way of life.  Lori’s deep pride and appreciation for where she comes from, along with her love of animals are reflected throughout her art. 

In 1992, she settled in Lawrence, Kansas, where she still resides today with her family.  She works from her studio, on their farm.  While her subject matter varies, Lori prefers animals, landscapes, and the American west, and all that entails.  Predominantly self-taught, she considers herself as an artist, to be as much of a “work in progress” as each of her paintings.

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“Farming is a hard demanding life.  The rewards and sense of family tradition that comes with it are hard to convey to folks, who have never experienced this kind of environment.  I try to capture my heritage and hope others can relate along the way.” 

Lori’s down home flare ignites in her colorful portrayal of scenes and subjects.  The relationships and memories she brings to viewers, through her art are currently in collections across the United States, and eleven foreign countries.

To Contact Lori, send her an e-mail to  louie1111@msn.com or visit her website at www.loridalrymple.com.

More of Lori’s Western Art Paintings:

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