Artist Questions

Most Questions are Answered in these Interview Videos:

Video #1 answers:

  • What led to the W.A.R.A. Concept?
  • How is the Artwork Judged?
  • How the W.A.R.A. Educates the Public
  • Is an Art Rodeo is Entertaining?
  • What else is at a W.A.R.A. Event?

Video #2 answers:

  • How does the competition work?
  • What makes an art rodeo different from an art show?
  • Why should I join the W.A.R.A.?
  • How will the W.A.R.A. level the playing field for artists?
  • What are the Events at Art Rodeos?
  • What advantage does having an Art Sport provide to artists?

Video #3 answers:

  • How does the W.A.R.A. allow fans to follow an artists career?
  • Why would I want to compete even if I don’t think my artwork is as good as others?
  • What would the W.A.R.A. say to an artists trying to decide whether or not to enter or join?
  • What does competition, entertainment and energy add to an art show or art competition?
  • What does educating art collectors and potential art collectors do for Artists?
  • Who will judge the artwork at W.A.R.A. Art Rodeos?

Video #4 answers:

  • The Judging is nothing new?
  • Judges are used to judging artwork?
  • Will Artists have the option to receive feedback / explanation from the judges?
  • What if I don’t win?
  • Will the critiquing be in a positive manner?

What is the difference between a WARA Event and a Traditional Art Show?

The difference between a WARA Art Sport Event and a Traditional Art Show is Explained Here.

What are the different Membership Levels?

The Western Art Rodeo Association has different levels of membership to fit your needs.

See a complete breakdown here.