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Event Clarification

"Sheer Cowboy" by Steve JohnsonArt Rodeo Events Clarification:

The word “Rodeo” derives from the Spanish word “Rodeer” which means gathering place. It was the American cowboy who turned it into a competitive sport creating the rodeo circuit! Practically all sports have a competitive circuit.

The art show circuit is an established major form of marketing for most artists. Their lives revolve around the shows that they plan to attend each year so the show circuit is already well established and understood, but it has never been until now a competitive sporting circuit.

The W.A.R.A. concept varies from the traditional art show in the respects that it is a competitive sport. Artists may achieve greater recognition, eliminate entry hassles, receive continual promotion, earn money regardless of sales, and earn the opportunity of competing for a world title. Artists will create a fan following by competing as a member of an integrated national organization, going from one art rodeo to the next where everything is structured the same for their benefit. Traditionally all shows are individualized with their own individual criteria and format. None offer these opportunities.

W.A.R.A. is the thread that links all participating shows together by entity; therefore, nationalizing the industry and creating an array of new and exciting possibilities for the entire industry. Like any other sport, fans will begin to follow the circuit and artist careers. This concept is designed to easily incorporate into any existing show format or be established as a new event, creating the art rodeo circuit.

Photo by Erika Haight PhotographyWhat is Western Art?

Western Art is not limited to cowboys and Native American subject matter but rather encompasses a large range of subject matter. Anything dealing with the west, from the earliest pioneers, explorers, mountain men, homesteading, etc. to western wildlife and landscapes. These subjects are all vital to our historic and present day view of culture and heritage. The intentions are not to discriminate but rather to promote the quality of art, celebrating mans ability to create, not merely what is depicted.

Event Categories:

W.A.R.A. events may include (but are not limited to) the following: Water Color, Oil Painting, Drawing, Photography, Carving, Sculpture, Leather Arts and Silver Arts. Each individual hosting committee and W.A.R.A. event may add or subtract any event they choose, but not limiting to less than three events.


Three W.A.R.A. approved judges will conduct the judging. Each judge will score the work from 1 to 33 points for a combined total of 99 points.

All works are to be judged on art principles, which include but are not limited to Anatomy, Authenticity, Balance, Color, Composition, Creativity, Depth, Design, Drawing Skill, Execution, Idea Concept, Lighting, Movement, Presentation, Technique, Title and Value.

All judges will be selected for their proven knowledge and or will be approved though judging seminars.

It is recognized that the judging aspect is the back bone of this concept and must remain untarnished at all costs. Judges are selected for their impeccable knowledge and integrity. All W.A.R.A. judges will be approved and certified by W.A.R.A. to insure total impartiality. All judging will be conducted in front of a live audience. This creates audience involvement for a fun and exciting experience. We foresee artists becoming celebrities, and art enthusiast becoming fans.

The live judging aspect will also serve as a valuable educational tool for both the artist and art enthusiast. The artist is made aware of what is expected, and the enthusiast learns what to look for in a quality work of art.

Painting by Brent FloryCompetition Format:

All WARA sanctioned rodeos are required to be held in a setting that will accommodate an audience and preview space, such as a theater, conference room, auditorium, convention center, etc.

All entries will be drawn for position in each event (Event meaning medium). The competition will begin with entry number one and continue in that order till the competition is complete.

Each artist will receive a contestant number to be worn, and entry numbers to be placed on each work entered. Artists must be ready to compete as that number is called for. To alert the contestant of their time to compete, the rodeo announcer will call the first entry number as up, the next on deck and the third in the hole.

The work that is up will then be presented to the audience and then on to the judges to be judged for one minute. When the time limit expires, the scores are tallied and announced to the audience. That work will then be presented once again to the audience, and the announcer will then talk briefly about the artist. The event will continue in this fashion until complete.

Each sanctioned rodeo may vary in competition format, this means that the rodeo may consist of one or more individual rounds of competition, and may include a final round where the overall champions will be crowned.

A round of competition is simply where the artist competes with one or more works of art to win prize money and a chance to advance to the final round of competition. All rounds will have placements and all placements will award prize money.


No rodeo would be complete without an announcer. The announcer’s duties are to keep the event lively, fun and organized. He or she will inform the audience of each individual artists history, announce the scores, and tell about the work as it is being judged. He or she will act as the spokesman or women for all contributing sponsors and corporate partners making sure that their product or service is promoted to the fullest extent. The announcer will also encourage the audience to respond by clapping, cheering or even booing as the scores are announced; by doing so the audience becomes a part of the event. This also creates the urgency factor. When a work of art scores a high score the collector is compelled to purchase before someone else does.

National Finals Western Art Rodeo:

The NFWAR is the year-end finale where the top money earners of the year will compete for the world title in their event(s). This is our way of crowning the best of the best in the industry. We feel that this is legitimized by the fact that our organization does not discriminate against anyone.

Any artist that wishes to become a member of W.A.R.A. and compete may apply to do so.

We feel that the judging structure also legitimizes the concept.

Our vision is that art rodeo fans will gather to witness and be a part of this history-making event, and to also cheer on their favorite artist(s) to celebrate in their glory, this makes this finale the most exciting event in the art industry.

Read the Official W.A.R.A. Rules Here.

Artwork by Don Weller

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