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We promote Western Artists by creating fun ways for the public to experience Western Art. We believe in Fine Art Principles when it comes to judging art and strive to educate the public on them. Quality artwork rises to the top on it’s own merit. Help us preserve this industry by encouraging youth to create and collect Western Art. Please join us.

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Latest News

2018 Western Art Rodeo Sculpture World Champion

Congratulation to Rene Van Druten, from the Netherlands, the new World Champion in Sculpture with the Western Art Rodeo Association  Rene's work is simply amazing.  The detail and of his subjects comes from Rene's research and personal accounts with...

Debra Bruner

Debra Bruner

Debra Bruner Artist Statement and Bio Early in life I discovered an affinity for creating art in a variety of forms.  I began with simple drawings of my favorite animals. Expanding into sculptured art for many years, birds and wildlife became my focus.  I am...

Misty Biros

Misty Biros

Misty Biros The physical world collectively swirls around us: plants, animals, landscape. I have a deep respect for all the beautiful features of the earth. From the splendor of hiking with my dogs under a pine canopy to listening to the water course against the rocks...

Marla Smith

Marla Smith

Marla Smith Painting the American West I was born in Prescott, AZ.  The beautiful Southwest where I grew up has always been close to my heart.  I spent much of my youth exploring, hiking and riding. Being raised in a rural setting and enjoying this freedom...

Jerry Simchuk

Jerry Simchuk

Jerry Simchuk Jerry grew up in the Northwest where he began to develop his keen eye for wildlife and love of nature.  Days spent fishing, hunting, hiking, and caring for a variety of animals on his family's farm filled his days, while his nights were spent...

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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