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“Unspoken Honor”

"Unspoken Honor" Memorial Sculpture by Jeff WolfRecently, the nationally and internationally renowned sculptor, Jeff Wolf was commissioned to create a memorial sculpture for the town of Huntsville, Utah. The piece is to depict a Calvary horse in full campaign gear that would demonstrate a sense of honor, valor, integrity, bravery and, the loss of our fallen cavalrymen and soldiers alike.

Jeff Wolf - Western Bronze SculptorEvery painstaking effort has been taken to insure that this work of art displays the respect and gratitude we owe these brave and selfless soldiers. They have fought and sacrificed much for our precious freedom and every American lives a more secure life because of them. “Land of the free, because of the brave.”

“Unspoken Honor” depicts the humble majesty of the war horse who shared every moment in battle through the glory of victory to the sadness of death, as a standing witness of valor and the ultimate sacrifice.

This tributary monument goes far beyond a mere depiction. The composition was designed using every aspect of sculpture principles, bringing fourth the maximum effect and meaning to the viewer.

When looked upon, one is taken to a place, a moment in time of great significance that stirs the emotions, arouses the imagination and touches the soul.

“The horse was modeled in honor of the toughest, most independent minded horse I’ve ever owned,“ Wolf states. Small in stature with a heart as big as all outdoors, he was as tough as any horse that lived. Unruly as he may have been, he would not hesitate to give his life to insure that mine was safe which he had done a number of times. “Shawny”, to everyone who knew him was unquestionably a true war horse."Unspoken Honor" Memorial Sculpture by Jeff Wolf for Huntsville, Utah

This unique and wonderful sculpted tribute is scheduled to be unveiled Memorial Day 2011 at the Huntsville Town Cemetery.

A small model piece was created for sale to raise funds for this significant project.

To find out more about the sculpture and how you can contribute to this wonderful tribute, please contact the Huntsville, UT Town Hall at:


Visit Jeff’s Website to see more Fine Western Art Sculptures by Jeff Wolf.

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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