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by Keith BatchellerThe Western Art Rodeo Association’s purpose is to:

  • Support and enhance Western art and artists by expanding awareness, increasing interest, and promoting quality in all aspects, mediums, and genres of Western art;
  • Provide accessible and equal opportunities for Western artists at all levels to improve skills, find an audience, and establish careers;
  • Showcase and recognize artistic excellence according to accepted principles, and convey those standards to artists, collectors, and Western art enthusiasts;
  • Attract and support young artists through education and an introduction to innovative ways to improve and promote their art;
  • Create excitement and interest through the Western Art Rodeo—a dramatic, lively, and competitive arena for exhibiting art and artists.


WARA produces Western Art Rodeos to:

  • Provide a unique, innovative, and exciting forum for promoting Western art and artists;
  • Utilize the inherent excitement of competition and sport for the promotion of Western art and artists;
  • Apply recognized and accepted standards of artistic merit and quality in competition, exercised by knowledgeable, qualified, unbiased judges;
  • Introduce established and upcoming Western artists to collectors and enthusiasts in an intriguing new arena;
  • Create opportunities for Western artists to obtain fans, achieve celebrity status, and seek endorsements and sponsorships;
  • Employ social media and other communication vehicles to promote events, artist rankings, competitive standings, and a year-end World Championship Finals event.



The Western Art Rodeo Association concept has been formulated to address the challenges that presently plague western the art world. The traditional methods of showing and promoting art no longer satisfy the industry needs and create an insurmountable barrier of entry to the many new artists.

Until now little attention has been given to encouraging new artists to be professionally involved in this billion-dollar industry.   WARA is a forward thinking organization that recognizes the need for a fresh approach to discovering quality art and artists, educate the masses, and offer innovative ways to promote artists and art related products, through an exciting competitive environment.

With the word “rodeo” in the name, one might stereotypically picture cowboy(s), and bucking horses in a Wild West atmosphere with only a hint of western art being threaded through the mix. In actuality, the word rodeo is derived from the Spanish word “Rodeer” meaning gathering place; and WARA is just that, a concept of gathering artist and collectors together in a live interactive competition.

In order to incorporate WARA’s objectives, a rodeo style competition format was adopted as the municipal vehicle.   This rodeo style competition provides the artists, both young and old, with the opportunity to become celebrity contestants by entering their works of art to be judged on the merits of quality, with collectors becoming fans and artists having the chance to compete for prize money.

WARA creates a multitude of value propositions, not only for the artist but also for the whole Western Art industry. Such avenues include added exposure directly to those who use the industry related products, and an exciting venue in-which to promote artists and their works, opportunities of partnerships, sponsorships, and endorsements, educational demonstrations and lectures, live entertainment, competition, prize money and the introduction of a new sport “The Art Sport”.

In addition the WARA will bring to the world of art a National Finals Western Art Rodeo (NFWAR) where the top point earners throughout the year will compete for the title of world champion artist.

The WARA intends to level the playing field where every artist has equal opportunity to participate without discrimination under the same set of rules, standards, and regulations.

WARA has compiled an impartial set of rules, guidelines, and standards that will govern the organization and all sanctioned WARA events. Each production will be held online with the goal of eventually producing live events in front of a live audience where three highly qualified judges will judge each piece on 17 basic art principles providing an unbiased judgment to all works of art. This judging concept allows quality to rise to the top through its own merits while providing a valuable educational tool for all interested parties in attendance.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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