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The Western Art Rodeo Association (WARA) is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of the American West and the Life of the American Cowboy. One of the greatest characteristics of Western Art is that it has managed to create and maintain the highest, most exacting standards. WARA takes pride in speaking of the best in the American spirit.

WARA strives to maintain the same standards in keeping with the tradition and perpetuate the memory and culture of the Old West.  WARA seeks to instill the highest level of integrity to insure authentic representations of the life and culture, as it was and remains today.  WARA’s continues to educate the public and facilitate Western Art and a pride in the American pioneer spirit; to create a true understanding of Native American history and culture; to exhibit a deep respect for the wildlife of the region; and a confident expression The Old West. WARA highlights the unique characteristics of an art genre that entertains whimsical action through dynamic perspectives as men fight, brand and ride; hooves kick up dust; and wild animals show their beauty.


The founder of the WARA had a clear vision for the organization that endures today. The following objectives define the organization then, now, and as it continues into the future.

  • To perpetuate the memory and culture of the Old West as typified by many great American West artists;
  • To insure authentic representations of the life of the West, as it was and is;
  • To maintain standards of quality in contemporary Western art;
  • To help guide collectors of Western art;
  • To give mutual assistance in protection of artist’ rights;
  • To hold joint exhibitions of the works of active members;
  • To create an equal opportunity to participate and compete without discrimination under the same set of rules, standards, and regulations.
Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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