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Misty Biros

The physical world collectively swirls around us: plants, animals, landscape. I have a deep respect for all the beautiful features of the earth. From the splendor of hiking with my dogs under a pine canopy to listening to the water course against the rocks like music. From the sweet perfume of honeysuckle in my backyard to my days spent riding bareback through the fields of my parents’ farm. These are the moments that resonate with my artwork.  

I utilize watermedia to connect the viewer with animals, whether it is a traditional animal portrait, the fluid expression of the majestic horse, or capturing a lighthearted moment between human and animal. I use a multidisciplinary approach, listening to the voice of the subject to articulate their narrative. To me, art is the expression of self through animals and nature, allowing me to borrow the wildness, freedom, and wisdom only they can provide.

Originally from a rural farming town in Central Illinois, Misty Biros developed a reverence for nature. Days spent riding horses, camping, gardening, and caring for the animals on her parents’ farm created the cornerstone for her fine art and illustrations.  Today, Biros finds inspiration during her travels and at her North Carolina homestead surrounded by family and pets.
The artist spends hours observing and photographing the animals around her during her adventures at home and abroad. In her studio, she strives to tell their story through her watermedia paintings. Her technique conveys a sense of wildness and freedom that
connects the viewer with the essence of the animal.

Misty Biros holds a degree business, and most of her career outside of art has been within supply chain in both individual contributor and leadership roles. Mostly a self-taught artist, Biros’ artwork is included in numerous private art collections globally, and she has been commissioned for book cover art, illustrations, business and residential murals, greeting cards, and pet portraits.


Website:  https://mistybirosart.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/mistybirosart/

Instagram @m_biros_art

The Western Art Rodeo Association is proud to represent Misty Biros as a Premium Member of our Association of Western Artists!
Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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