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One of the most Frequently Asked Questions to the W.A.R.A. is this:

Following The Light by Brent Flory“How is the W.A.R.A. different from a Traditional Art Show?”

There are many differences – most of them are explained here.

However, this post is just going to cover one MAJOR difference.

The Western Art Rodeo Association is the only association that is interested in promoting our members, and their artwork, on a year-round basis.

Most other events, shows, or organizations only promote artists for a short time, mostly while promoting their own event. This is usually a couple of months before the show or event. That’s good, right?

Now for the bad part. What happens when the show ends? You guessed it. Artist are left on their own until the next year. The promotion ends with the event. (“Hope you sold something, we’ll call you next year when we need your booth fees.”)

"200 Years Too Late" by Tobin CappThe W.A.R.A. is different in that we promote Western Artists and their Western Art – FULL TIME.

The more you keep us updated, the more we promote you.

We want to see your work in progress.

We want to show your latest painting, drawing, carving or sculpture, to the world.

We want to know where you will be displaying your artwork at the next event so we can let others know where they can see your work in person.

We want the world to know what you are working on, what events you will be attending, your latest completed project and more.¬†Exposure’s good, right?

Let the Western Art Rodeo Association promote your Western Art Full Time, Join Today.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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