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Official Rules of the WARA


Section 1. No Discrimination

Discrimination against any W.A.R.A. member because of race, color, religion, sex or ethnic origin will not be permitted.

Section 2. W.A.R.A. News Letter

The W.A.R.A. news letter shall be the official on-line publication of W.A.R.A.. Any rule change, notice, or other information printed in the business section of the WARN shall be an official communication of W.A.R.A., and the members of W.A.R.A. shall be considered notified of these official communications by virtue of their publication in the business section of the W.A.R.A. newsletter.

Section 3 – Hosting Committees

Committees or organizations wishing to host a sanctioned W.A.R.A. event must become a Committee W.A.R.A. Member and meet the terms set forth in the committee member agreement.

Section 4. Definitions

Section 4.1. “Member”

Member, referrers to an individual who is a WARA card member.

Section 4.2 “Contestant Member”

Contestant member is a member who has paid the requisite dues, fees, and /or premiums for current dues-paying year or office. Contestant Member is an individual who has set forth the necessary requirements set forth by the Board of Directors to permit said member to enter the contest and to compete in one or more of the following events: water color, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, or other related mediums which is approved by the Board of Directors.


Section 4.3. “ Non Contestant Member”

Non contestant member is identified as any hosting committee or judge, corporate partner, sponsor, and supporting members.


Section 4.4 “Financially Eligible”

A member shall be financially eligible provide the member has paid all financial obligations due to WARA, including but not limited to entry fees, related charges, fines, collection charges and repayment of any over payment of prize money.


Section 4.5. “Competition Eligibility”

A member shall be competition eligible provide he has satisfied all requirements to compete in WARA-approved sanctioned art rodeo or event.


Section 4.6. “Dues-paying year” and “ Membership year”

Shall commence on January 1 of each year and end at midnight of December 31 of that year. Annual dues shall be payable on or before December 31 of the calendar year preceding the dues paying year/ membership year.


Section 4.7. “Art Rodeo Year”

Shall commence and end on those dates which shall be set by the W.A.R.A. Board of Directors.


Section 4.8. “Western Art”

Western art shall be any form of art that portrays the west in its past or present condition.  Any form of the earliest explorers to present day cowboys, including western wildlife and landscape.  Art in the form of modern art, exotic wildlife, English type equestrian subjects, and still life flower arrangements shall not be considered western art. Flowers and other western grown vegetation may be considered western landscape so long as they are depicted in a outdoor, landscape setting  or with other points of interest that depict a western theme. Still life paintings may also be considered as long as they follow the previous mentioned criteria. All western art must display a western flavor, and is subject to judge’s discrimination.


Section 5. General Rules


Section 5.1. “Cooperation with WARA”

Any person becoming a Member of the WARA shall become familiar with its Rules and Bylaws and shall comply with and be bound by same. Upon becoming a Member of WARA, an individual agrees to cooperate with and assists any WARA official in the enforcement of the WARA Official Art Rodeo Rules and any WARA-approved Art rodeo or in any matter of official business.


Section 5.2. “Consent to Use Name and Likeness”

Any Member of the W.A.R.A. who enters or otherwise participates in a W.A.R.A. sanctioned event, any official or staff of the event, and all other persons admitted to the event shall, as a condition of and in consideration of participation, admission or other involvement therein, be deemed to consent to W.A.R.A. ownership all rights in and to his or her appearance or other involvement therein. The W.A.R.A. shall have the right, and may permit others as it sees fit, to dispense, reproduce, and otherwise use any such persons name, voice, likeness, biography, photograph, and other pictures in connection with the advertisement and promotion of a W.A.R.A. -sanctioned event or the sport of art rodeo. However, such advertisement and promotion shall not be made in conjunction with any statement constituting an endorsement by such person of any product or service, unless that person consent thereto is first obtained. A Member of W.A.R.A. who participates in a W.A.R.A.-sanctioned event authorizes the W.A.R.A. to act in the Members behalf as well as in behalf of W.A.R.A. in engaging in promotional activities to the conduct of the sport of art rodeo.

No Power of Endorsement.

No Member shall have any right or authority to grant an endorsement to any third-party on behalf of W.A.R.A..


Section 5.3. “Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability”

The Western Art Rodeo Association accepts no responsibility for damage or loss during any W.A.R.A. event. Member and participant assumes all liability and risks of damage.


Section 5.4. “ Advertising by Members”

Garments, tack, tools, or gear advertising a commercial business, product, service or individual in an W.A.R.A. event may only be own or displayed by Members under guidelines approved by W.A.R.A. Board of Directors.


Section 5.5. “Application for Membership”

An individual applying for any membership in W.A.R.A. must submit on-line an application using forms provided by W.A.R.A.. No membership renewal in any membership category will be processed if the applicants renewal has delinquent or financial obligations due to W.A.R.A. No membership will be processed without that persons social security number or tax identification number. Membership application shall be received prior to October 1 for the following dues paying year. Failure to pay dues or fees on or before October 1 of each respective year shall result in a $10.00 additional fee to process a delinquent application.


Section 6. Dues, Fees, Entrance fees, Display fees

Section 6.1. “Contestant Membership Dues”

The annual contestant membership dues shall be $197.00 and must be paid online by credit card before the dates set forth in the Bylaws.


Section 6.2. “Entrance Fees”

All entrance fees are based on the added prize money per event. Entrance fees and other pertinent entry information will be published on the W.A.R.A. Official Website  no less than (60) days prior to an event.


Section 6.3. “Display Fees”

All booth and or display fees are based on the added prize money per event. Booth and or display fees and other pertinent entry information will be published on the W.A.R.A. Official Website  no less than (60) days prior to an event.


Section 7. Disqualification

Any judge, hosting committee, member, contestant, or individual found to be violating the rules and Bylaws, cheating, impartial judging, or otherwise shall be ineligible to compete or participate in any future WARA-sanctioned events. Cheating shall be defined as using someone else’s art work or idea, bribing or attempting to influence judges, committee members, or affiliates, computer generated or enhancement, impartial judging by officials showing preference or preferential treatment to any contestant.

Essentially all works must be the original from the artist hand, no reproductions in any form.

This concept is designed to glorify mans ability to create and therefore nothing shall be utilized to enhance that ability by using artificial means.

Artistically Manipulated Photography is allowed. We realize that in today’s high tech world, most photography is enhanced in some way.

Section 8. Event Cancellation

If the W.A.R.A. does not get enough contestants for an event in a production, the W.A.R.A. may elect to cancel that event and refund the entrance and display fees to those entered.

The W.A.R.A. reserves the right to cancel any event or production for any reason.  If an event or production is cancelled, refunds for entrance and display fees will be refunded.

Article II

Contestant Rules, Judges, Display procedures, Guidelines, Regulations, Grievances, and Disciplinary Procedures.

Section 1. “Entries”

All entries for events may be submitted on-line only by active contestant members. All contestant members may enter one or more event/ mediums. All contestants are required to enter one work of art in each preliminary go-round of competition in each event/ medium entered.

If it is determined by W.A.R.A. Judges or Board of Directors that a piece was entered into the wrong event, W.A.R.A. judging staff will have full discretion to move event entries to the correct event.

Section 1.2. “Slack”


: Slack is a standard go-round of competition held to accommodate all contestants wishing to enter and is held prior to the featured go-rounds.

Each preliminary Go-round shall feature (20) contestants in each event/ medium. In-order to accommodate all contestants that wish to enter an event and to insure fairness in the quest for a world championship title and if necessary a slack performance will be held prior to the feature go-rounds. All go-round positions including slack performances shall be electronically drawn by the central entry computerize drawing system and no one contestant may receive a preferential positions.


Section 1.3. “Flat Work”

All flat work to be entered for competition must not exceed 48” x 48” or 2,304 square inches in size not including frame.


Section 1.4. “Sculpture”

All sculpture must not exceed 36” x 36” x 36” in size and cannot exceed 125 lbs. in weight.

Sculpture Definition: The art or practice of shaping figures or designs in the round or in relief, as by chiseling marble, modeling clay, or casting in metal.

All sculpture must be created by using Malleable material or marble sculpted and shaped using only hands and non-mechanical tools such as electrical or pneumatic during the creation process. Sculpture may be entered in the sculpture category in its original clay, wax or marble form, or cast in any cast-able material.


Section 1.4. A. “Carving”

All Carvings must not exceed 36” x 36” x 36” in size and cannot exceed 125 lbs. in weight.

Carving Definitions:

  • The cutting of material such as stone or wood to form a figure or design.
  • A figure or design formed by this kind of cutting.

Wood and Stone mediums can only be entered in the carving category.

All pieces competing in Carving must be entirely carved by the artist. If the work has any Carving or Engraving not carved by the artist themselves, it will be covered or announced to the judges prior to the competition.


Section 1.6. “Drawing Positions”

All of art rodeos will be judged according to drawn positions. All positions shall be drawn electronically. Positions shall be posted on-line immediately following closing date of event entries. All event entry criteria shall be posted through the WARA central entry system.


Section 1.7. “Go-Round”

A go-round is one series of competition. The short round, final round or otherwise known as the championship round is only for winners of the previous preliminary go-rounds and cannot be entered by unqualified contestants.


Section 2. “Contestant Rules”

The contestant or contestant representative must be present and is responsible for presenting artwork to the competition area and receive it once the art work has been judges. All first time contestant/ representative must be available or present for the orientation meeting which shall be held prior the first round of judging.

All artists are required to send via email a 100 word or less biography to the central entry department which shall be accompanied by the membership application. This biography may be published in the art rodeo program, WARN publications, and or any such promotional material published by W.A.R.A.. All contestant/ representative members must follow the set up and removal regulations and rules determined by W.A.R.A. Contestants may compete at only two art rodeos which utilize the same work of art and thereafter enter the same work of art once in the national finals western art rodeo or year end finale.

During the judging process, all work must be ready in their drawn position order to be presented for judging. The announcer will indicate when the work is to be presented, by stating the entry number that is being judged, by identifying as up, entry number which is on standby by identifying as on deck, and third by identifying as in the whole. When the contestant hears the entry number called in the whole, they need to report to the receiver with their art work. Contestants may not talk to judges, rodeo secretary, or timer during the contest. The contestant may approach the judges after a contest for critique. All critiques will be held in a designated area and may constitute a critiquing fee. Any failure to abide by this rule will be considered as an attempt to cheat.

Contestant or contestant representative is responsible to have all work ready for judging when their number is called. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and will be considered a scratch. No reimbursement of entrance fee or display fee will be made in the event a scratch is called.


Section 3. “Judging”

There are no shortcuts to honest judging. No judge will ever be able to say that his judgment is perfect. Nevertheless, judging must be preformed in such a manner that the winner is selected through a fair and impartial determination. Poor and incompetent judges can create a lack of credibility and frustration on the part of the contestants and audience. All W.A.R.A. judges shall be selected from ultimate professionals in the fine art industry. Therefore, honest judging is the essential component to the credibility of the judge as well as insuring that the W.A.R.A. event is successful. As such, judges are to be approved through a strict W.A.R.A. judging department on their knowledge, competency, accuracy, fairness, consistency, understanding, integrity and appreciation.


Section 3.1. “Judging Area”

All judging area shall be well lit in order to show the work in the best possible conditions. Judges shall have a duty to require more light or other changes which make it difficult for a judge to properly evaluate the work being presented. all work shall be ready in their drawn position order to be presented for judging. Draw sheets will be posted throughout the display area so the contestant may easily indicate their drawn position and be readily available at the time of judging. Judging shall occur in any arena or room that will accommodate an audience such as a conference room, stage, and theater, and shall be arranged in such a manner as the work can be easily presented to the judges and the audience.


Section 3.2. “Number of Judges”

There shall be three judges at all W.A.R.A. events.


Section 3.3. “Judging Time”

The judging time shall be 45 seconds to 1 minute per piece. A buzzer or whistle shall sound indicating that time has expired and the judges shall signal to the staff members of the next piece to be presented.


Section 3.5. “Talking to judges or other Officials”

Contestants may not talk to judges, or art rodeo secretary or timer during the contest. The contestants may approach judges only after the contest is completed for critiquing purposes. The contestant must accept the critique at face value and shall not question or challenge the judges’ basis for his decisions. The critique must be conducted in critiquing area, after the competition has been completed. No judge may critique or analyze a piece with the contestant prior to the judging competition.


Section 3. “Work Description and Artist Interview”

All works that are entered for competition shall be companied by a title and description when entry form is filled out. All W.A.R.A. productions shall conduct an interview with the artist prior to the judging competition. These interviews will be videoed for big screen presentations. The description of the work shall be set to music to in order to create a greater and more dramatic response from the audience. The artist interview will simultaneously appear on the lower corner of the screen. This aspect of the production is designed to identify and brings greater recognition to the artist.


Section 4. “Scoring”

All works shall be scored 1 To 33 points by three judges for a combined possible score of 99 points.


Section 5. “Display Procedures”

All contestants shall display the amount works of art set by art rodeo committee per event entered including the works that are entered for competition. The display gallery, size, and arrangement shall be set by W.A.R.A. to accommodate each facility, and shall remain consistent with all W.A.R.A. sanctioned events.

At events where space allows, artists may be allowed to show additional works of art not competing in the competition go round. At these events, these said pieces may only be displayed for show or sale purpose and may not be entered as competition works. Artists must follow all set-up and removal regulations set by W.A.R.A. and entries must be displayed within the time allotted prior to the event and shall not be removed until the event is completed unless otherwise allowed by the hosting committee.


Section 6. “Contest Rules”

The contest rules are established to provide for fair, progressive, and innovative W.A.R.A. events. As such, no contestant may enter the same work of art in more than two art rodeo competitions not including the National Finals Western Art Rodeo. There shall be no restriction as to when the work was produced but once it has been entered, as set forth above, it is permanently disqualified from future W.A.R.A. events.

Section 6.1.

Only the highest scoring piece from each artists in each medium will advance to the Championship Go Round. (also referred to as the Short Round.)

Section 6.2.

All booth and or display fees are based on the added prize money per event. Booth and or display fees and other pertinent entry information will be published on the W.A.R.A. website under the heading “WARA Event Entries” or  “Event criteria” no less than (60) days prior to an event.


Section 7. “Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures”

Any member who has violated these bylaws, or procedures, cheats, or otherwise attempts to elicit or invoke disrepute upon a WARA event, shall be subject to reprimand, fined, ineligible, suspension, or expulsion from WARA events. Penalties shall be determined

By the board of directors, or any official, judge or committee to whom the board of directors has delegated such authority.


Section 7.1.

If any contestant, member or judge has a grievance with any other contestant, member, or judge, the same shall be submitted in writing to WARA headquarters for review. No grievance is allowed during any event in progress. Any member or contestant may make a suggestion as to the improvement of any concept by submitting the same in writing to the WARA directors.


Section 7.2. “Contestant not ready to perform”

In any event, a contestant not ready when called during a judging event, shall be fined $10.00 for the first offense and $25.00 for the second offense. In the event that a contestant fails to appear, that contestants fee shall be considered a scratch and shall receive zero (0) points or reimbursement of entry fees.


Section 7.3.

Attempt to bribe or influence or commit physical or verbal intimidation of a judge, another contestant, criticizing other artists, or otherwise harassing any contestant, member, judge, or spectator shall be subject to discipline by the WARA committee and may result in fines or suspension.

Section 7.4.

The submission of any fraudulent artwork or representation shall result in immediate disqualification and removal from WARA event. Any work that is recognized as a copy of another artist’s original work will not be allowed in the display gallery and is automatically disqualified from competition.

  • Any original work of art may be presented for judging in combination with any complementary medium such as decorative wood or marble sculpture bases, picture frames, silver and leather combinations, carved gun stock with engraved gun barrel , relief carving on boxes etc.


However any particular medium being presented to the judges must be of the artist’s original work created from their own concept and hand. Judges must be made aware if you are showing a work of art along with a complementary medium that is not by your creation or design such as a silver concho presented on a carved leather headstall or a carved gun stock presented on a engraved gun barrel etc. Only the work that is entered into that category can be judged. Failing to inform the judges of work that is not of your original creation will result in automatic disqualification.


Section 7.5.

The following procedures shall be followed in the event a grievance occurs:

1. The grievance shall be filed in writing with the grievance committee, W.A.R.A. headquarters.

2. The committee shall notify the individual upon whom the grievance has been filed for a written response within thirty (30) days.

3. The grievance committee may interview each of the parties if deemed necessary, and investigate the matter including all witnesses or individuals who may have information with regards to the alleged grievance.

4. A final written decision by the grievance committee shall be issued within (60) days upon completion of the investigation and said decision shall be final.


Section 8. “Event withdrawal”

In the event that a contestant is forced to withdraw due to family emergency, weather conditions, medical conditions, or other acts of God, the contestant must notify the central entry department (CED) at least 24 hours prior to the first go round. In the event that it is determined that failure to notify the CED and the contestant withdrew without valid reason then an additional fine of $25.00 shall be imposed.


Section 9. “W.A.R.A. Sales Personnel”

All participants in sanctioned W.A.R.A. events will be notified of the sales transaction policy prior to the event. There will be a percentage based fee for all sales of artwork at a sanctioned W.A.R.A. event that will be determined prior to each event.


Section 10. “Event Directors”

Each event/ medium shall have an official event director. The event director will serve as the contestant spokesperson of that particular event. Any information or assistance required by the contestant may be acquired through the event director.


Section 11. “Event Volunteers”

Any member of the W.A.R.A. may become a volunteer aid at any W.A.R.A. sanctioned event.

However no preferential treatment can be expected or considered by any competing member. To become a W.A.R.A. event volunteer any member may contact the W.A.R.A. headquarters and your name will be placed on the event volunteer list.

All volunteers will be contacted prior to the event and informed of what duties or assistance is required.


Section 12. “Event Cancellation”

The W.A.R.A. board of directors may cancel any W.A.R.A. event at their discretion for any reason.

Event contestants will receive a refund of their display fees and entrance fees. No reimbursement of membership fees will apply.

Artwork by Don Weller

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