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WARA Gallery at SundanceA message from the W.A.R.A. founder, Jeff Wolf –

The Western Art Rodeo Association Spring Challenge at Sundance event was a huge success. Everyone, win lose or draw, loved the concept. The competition, the fellowship, and the camaraderie that was shared throughout the event created enthusiasm for the future.

Like a rodeo, the artists became fellow contestants. Strategies, adrenalin, anticipation, disappointment and elation were shared by all.

The competition was exciting, educational and entertaining. The audience got involved with cheering and an occasional boo to the judges decision as they tried to match scores with the judges.

The art gallery, where the contestants artwork was displayed throughout the event, was absolutely spectacular with an array of beautiful flat art lining the walls while the amazing display of three dimensional works graced the center of the rustic but elegant Redford Center.

WARA Gallery at Sundance - April 29, 30, 2011 Steve Johnson and Kim Powers Stilson Await the Score from the Judges

Demonstrations, lectures, and seminars were all well attended and extremely informative. Many comments were made as to how much was learned from these additional activities.

The atmosphere was charged with anticipation, excitement and energy throughout the entire event there was never a dull moment.

Linda Curley Christensen on Stage at the WARA Spring Challenge Joe Cummings on Stage at the Western Art Rodeo at Sundance Doug Monson on Stage with Kim Powers Stilson

As this was a world’s first of its kind,  there were no blueprints to go by, but with the help of a number of artist directors, volunteers and a wonderful staff the event was presented in the most professional manner with very few glitches.

The judges critiquing sessions gave a unique opportunity to those who wished to have their work critiqued. All who did so, found it very informative and helpful in the improvement of their work.

The competition arena was a extremely exciting theater style production with big screen presentations of the artwork shown while being judged, sponsor presentations introducing each medium category and the artwork scores being flashed on the screen after time had expired and scores tallied made for a larger than life performance.

Brent Flory's Artwork being judged on Stage at the WARA Event at Sundance Steve Johnson's Artwork in the WARA Gallery at Sundance WARA Gallery at Sundance

Music was injected into the mix to heighten excitement,  as if the tension and anticipation of the awaiting artists wasn’t enough.

Art Rodeo announcers, Kim Power Stilson &  Sonny Olsen of Health, Wealth and Everything Else Radio,  kept the event lively, fun and interactive with live on-stage interviews with the artists, art trivia questions to the audience and playful banter.

The live radio and TV style interviews with art rodeo champions and contestants was the icing on the cake.

In true sports fashion, celebrity Art Rodeo contestants were interviewed live and on camera. It was amazing to see just how professional, comfortable and fun loving the artist were while being interviewed for the first time.

Deb Lindsay's Gun Stocks in the WARA Gallery at Sundance The Stage at the World's First Art Rodeo - The Art Sport


However the true results will be boasted by those who were there. The Western Art Rodeo Assn. Headquarters is so excited to get the results completed and posted, address the suggestions and to get started on the next production.

It is the W.A.R.A.’s mission to do everything possible to bring the western art industry into the 21st century as a innovative, exciting, educational new sport.  An organization that  supports and markets our members 24/7.

– Jeff Wolf

Founder – Western Art Rodeo Association

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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