The Concept

The Western Art Rodeo Association is all about promoting Western Artists so their work can be enjoyed all over the world. It is our goal to educate others on quality art, share quality western art with the world and educate our youth so they too will be interested in creating and collecting Western Artwork.

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As the W.A.R.A. grows, we also plan to hold Live Western Art Competitions called Art Rodeos.

Get Ready for Art Sport

Art Sport Events (Rodeos) are part art show, part art competition, and very entertaining and educational for everyone involved.

At each Art Rodeo,  the public views your work, and then you compete for prize money before 3 judges and a live audience.

Judges award points based on the fundamental principles of art.

The winners of each event leave with the prize money, however, at a W.A.R.A. Art Rodeo, everyone is a winner.

Every competitor has gained exposure for their art, name recognition, and the opportunity to sell their artwork on a continual basis. In addition to this, every competitor will also have the opportunity to have their artwork critiqued in person by the judges after the event.

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