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Todd “Tex” Mueller – Western Artist



About Todd “Tex” Mueller

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado Todd Mueller became a digital 3D computer artist/animator right out of school with a degree in Commercial Arts and has been creating 3D and 2D motion animation for over 30 years.

Todd and his family were blessed to be able to move to Dallas, Texas several years ago, all while keeping his 3D artist job.  He loves the old west and all it offers, so moving to the Dallas/Fort Worth area was a dream come true.  Going to all the western museums, seeing all the Texas history, and historical locations all over the great state, increased his desire for the old west even more!  He especially loves the 3D western bronze fine art sculptures.  So, in the middle of his career, he told his wife that he was going to become a western artist creating 3d sculptures.  She said “A what?” Todd started studying livestock, horses, and cowboys at all the local rodeos, taking pictures of everything for reference in creating his sculptures.


The best way for Todd to describe it is like this… it’s like being a digital musician all your life, creating music on the computer, and now how fun, exciting and new it feels to go back to the wooden violin again!  What a sweet sound it makes!  How cool is it to be creating something with your hands!  Starting with a lump of mud and shaping it into a beautiful bronze sculpture.


Texas Made Sculptures© specializes in Western Art.  Todd has just started to scratch the surface and has several limited bronze statues completed and available.  Todd sits down in his studio with a cup of coffee in the early Texas morning and starts creating, sculpting and shaping clay.  Before he knows it, it’s evening, and there is an amazing Texas sunset in the West.  What a great day that was!  Upon creating that first sculpture, he went outside his comfort zone and found something he really loves, bronze sculpture.  He saw again how much his family truly loves and supports him.  Also because of his sculpting, he has met some great new friends, artists, and craftsmen… and he is meeting new ones every day!


Todd’s Sculptures – Available for Purchase

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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