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Event Criteria – Heart of Montana 2012

Welcome Western Artists,

We thank you for your interest in our “Heart of Montana” Western Art Rodeo, Show and Sale for 2012.

The details for this event are as follows:

Event Location

MetraPark, Billings Montana – 308 6th Ave N, Billings, MT  –  www.metrapark.com  – Google Map Here

Event Dates

  • Gallery Set Up – August 15th
  • Gallery Open – August 16th-18th, 2012
  • 1st Go Round of Competition – Friday, August 17 (mid-day)
  • 2nd Go Round of Competition – Friday, August 17 (late afternoon)
  • Final Go Round – Saturday, August 18 (afternoon)
  • Awards Presentation will be at the conclusion of the Final Go Round

Do Artists have to Attend the Entire 10 Days?

Artists need to have their artwork to MetraPark on August 15th. We are working on a way for you to ship your artwork directly to the event, but you may deliver it yourself also.  We would love artists  to attend the entire event, but only require artists (or their representative) to be at the event for the rounds of competition. Artists must either be there in person, or have a representative there to move their artwork for each competition go round, and to remove your artwork from the event on Sunday, August 19th.

There will be W.A.R.A. Staff in the gallery at all times to watch the artwork, however, artists will be required to sign a release of liability waiver. Artists are responsible for their own artwork. The building has 24 hour security and will be secured at night. The gallery is indoors and air conditioned.

Event Activities

  • Western Art Gallery – Artists will display 6 works of art in the Western Art Gallery in the Rimrock Arena Building at MetraPark, Billings, Montana. Artwork will be displayed with a tag that will have the artists information, artwork number and a Sale Price (if it is For Sale).
  • Western Art Rodeo – Artwork will be brought in front of a live audience and 3 judges to be scored. W.A.R.A. Professional Rodeo Announcer Brent Jordan will interview the artist while their work is being judged. This is a great opportunity for the crowd to meet the artist and learn more about them and their artwork. (more details on the Competition below)
  • Silent Auction – Western Art Rodeo Assn. members artwork will decorate the Cowboy Club at the MetraPark Rodeo Arena prior to each night of PRCA Pro Rodeo. Artwork will be displayed and put on silent auction during the private dinner and rodeos each night. Additional artwork will also be displayed and on silent auction outside the Cowboy Club near the concession stands of the Rodeo Arena. All areas are indoors. W.A.R.A. staff will conduct the silent auction. Artists will decide the reserve price for each piece. (Only W.A.R.A. Competitor Members work will be in the Cowboy Club and Silent Auction.)
  • Demonstrations / Workshops – We are lining up demonstrations and workshops to take place during the week of the event. One of the main goals of the W.A.R.A. is to educate the public on what makes fine art. If you would like to do a demonstration, workshop or lecture, please let us know and we will get your on our schedule. Demonstrations will be advertised and promoted in the daily schedule at Montana State Fair.


Gallery Information

Only artists competing in the Art Rodeo Competition will be allowed to display artwork in the Gallery. The Gallery will be set up gallery style, meaning there will not be individual artist booths. Flatwork will be displayed handing or on easels and the 3d artwork will be displayed on tables. 3d artists may also choose to bring their own pedestals to display their artwork on, but they will not be allowed into the competition area during the competition. W.A.R.A. staff will be helping you sell your artwork in the gallery. We will be set up to accept all major credit cards and process sales transactions at the event. W.A.R.A. commission for this event is only 20%. This is considerably less than most events of this type and we would encourage all artists to price their work to sell.


Art Rodeo Competition Information

Contestants will choose one work of art to compete in each go round of competition. The artwork chose to compete must be from the 6 on display in the gallery. Each artist, or a representative, must be present to move their own artwork during the competition.

The Flow of Artwork is as follows:

  • Artwork will be removed from the gallery and brought to the staging area.
  • Artwork will be presented before the live audience and judges. During judging, the artist will be interviewed by our W.A.R.A. Rodeo Announcer, Brent Jordan, allowing the audience to learn more about them and their artwork. Total judging time will be between 45 and 60 seconds.
  • Artwork will be taken back to the gallery.

How will the artwork be Judged? About W.A.R.A. Judges and Judging Criteria Here (link will open in new tab)

Further Event Clarification (link will open in new tab)

The event will be lively as the crowd will cheer for their favorite artist and artwork. (There may even be some booing if the audience doesn’t like the score….this has been known to happen.) The artwork is then taken directly back to the gallery where the public can view and purchase the piece.


Silent Auction

You must be a current active competitor member of the Western Art Rodeo Association to participate in the silent auction. Artwork will decorate the Cowboy Club at their private dinners and during the PRCA Pro Rodeo at MetraPark from Aug. 16-18, 2012. Each piece displayed within and just outside the Cowboy Club will be on silent auction for purchase. Artists will set the minimum for each piece. W.A.R.A. staff will conduct the silent auction and the sales commission will be 20% of the purchase price. All Sales transactions will be processed by the W.A.R.A. Staff. We encourage artist to price their work to sell at the event. The artwork chosen for the silent auction may be 1 of the 6 displaying in the gallery, or they can be different works of art. The number of pieces allowed to display in the silent auction will be determined prior to the event according to space and number of artists. Works of art will also be displayed and sold at silent auction outside the Cowboy Club near the concession stands. This is a high traffic area where rodeo attendees will be gathering and passing frequently. This area is completely indoors and will be secure at night.


Member Information

Membership is not required to participate in the Heart of Montana Western Art Rodeo, Show and Sale. However, W.A.R.A. Competitor Members will benefit in the following ways at this event:

This is a W.A.R.A. Sanctioned Event. Points earned at this event will count towards the W.A.R.A. World Standings. All 2012 World Champions will be crowned at the Fall Shootout at Heber City Cowboy Poetry in November. World Champions in each medium will be crowned according to the 2012 points total and receive a World Champion W.A.R.A. Belt Buckle.


Non Members of W.A.R.A.

W.A.R.A. Competitor Membership is not required to enter this event. If you are not a W.A.R.A. Competitor Member, we encourage you to apply to join now. If you do not wish to apply for membership, your earned points at this event will not be tallied or accumulated for the W.A.R.A. World Standings. In addition, the following items will apply at this event:

With your paid entrance fee, you are eligible to:

  • Display 6 pieces of artwork in the W.A.R.A. Gallery
  • Compete for Prize Money in the Art Rodeo Competitions
  • Sell Artwork at the event through the W.A.R.A. Sales Staff (following the Commission Guidelines below)

Non W.A.R.A. Competitor Members will not be allowed to:

  • Display artwork outside of the W.A.R.A. Gallery (including the Cowboy Club)
  • Participate in the Silent Auction
  • Accumulate Points towards the W.A.R.A. World Standings or the 2012 W.A.R.A. World Championship

Non W.A.R.A. Competitor Members are required to follow and abide by  W.A.R.A. Official Rules for this event.


Sales Commission

All sales transactions are required to be processed by the W.A.R.A. Sales Staff. W.A.R.A. sales commission will be 20% of the gross sale amount. This includes the fees associated with processing credit card transactions. The W.A.R.A. Sales Staff will be set up to process all major credit cards at the event.

Artists will be paid by Check from the W.A.R.A. within 5 business days of the close of the event using the following formula:

Gross Sale Amount – Sales Tax – 20% W.A.R.A. Commission = Net to Artist


Prize Money and Awards

Prize money is to be determined according to amount of entries and added prize money. Prize money will be paid in each go-round of competition. All competing artist will be posted and promoted on the W.A.R.A. website.  Additional prizes may also be awarded by W.A.R.A. sponsors and People’s Choice.

Prize money will be awarded to the top 3 contestants in each category in each Go Round.

How the prize money is awarded and divided:

We take the total number of entries and divide it by the number of entries in a particular category. That determines the proportion of prize money for that category. This number is multiplied by the total prize money to determine the amount of prize money for that category. We then take 10% off the top and divide the number by 3 (there are three rounds). This is the total amount that is awarded in each Go Round in that category. The prize money is divided at follows: 1st place, 45%. 2nd place, 35%. 3rd place, 20%. The 10% that was taken off the top is then added into the final round prize money and divided the same way.


Required for Entry
W.A.R.A. events are designed to keep costs at a minimum for the artists. You do not need to submit pictures of your artwork for approval. Required items include:

  • 1 Artist Profile Photo
  • A Short Artist Bio (about 50 words)

These items may be e-mailed to info@westernartrodeoassociation.com or sent on CD by mail to the following address:

Western Art Rodeo Association – 654 North 800 East #315 – Spanish Fork, Utah 84660


Entry Fees (Entry Deadline – July 15, 2012. No entries will be accepted after this date.)

Membership Status Entry Fee (Deadline July 15-Midnight)
W.A.R.A. Competitor Member $445
Non W.A.R.A. Competitor Member $515

Discount Offers

  • Artists entering two or more categories are entitled to a 10% discount on entrance fees.

How to Enter Online:

Still have Questions?

Please e-mail questions to info@westernartrodeoassociation.com.

Artwork by Don Weller

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