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Wayne Strickland is an Australian Artists specializing in Australian Oil Paintings and Bronze Sculptures

“I live with my wife, Monette, in Mooloolaba Qld.. A stone’s throw from the beach and Pacific ocean.  My Studio is also meters away.  I can hear and smell the sea.  Many of my paintings are Seascapes as well as horses, and the people on the land.  As the saying goes, “You Can take the Boy out of the Country, but you can’t take the Country out of the Boy.”

I was born in Wynyard Tasmania. I have two sons Clint and Matt. And Daughter Simone. I love them very much.

I attended Scottsdale artist school years ago. During one of my visits I learned a lot there and it started my interest in Portrait Painting.  It has been a great money earner over the years, especially the struggling years I considered myself a bum Artist! I completed a correspondent course through famous Artists Westport Connecticut and also had training through Art schools here in Australia.  I have many very special Artist friends here and around the world.

Former US Ambassador Bill Lane and President Ronald Reagan own my bronzes.  I had a customer and friend in Tucson, Jack Goodman.Through him, I was a special guest of the Mt Oyster Club art show and Ride.  My work is in 21 countries of the world.  I have been very fortunate to have grown up as a country boy, introduced to horse and Rodeos early in life.  I was a keen competitor.  Winning the State Steer Wrestling Title in 98′ Calf Roping was my favorite event.  I keep a connection with horses through my art.and friends.

Many of my paintings are born from my visits to the Wild Horses (Brumbies) in the bush 20ks from my home.  We are close to a popular racetrack and many training stables. I teach painting in my studio as well as teaching workshops.

It gives us a blessed life.” – Wayne Strickland

Contact Info:

Website URL – http://www.waynestrickland.com.au

Mailing Address:
10 River espl.
Mooloolaba, 4557,
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Email address: waynest@tpg.com.au

Phone: 0408 711 521

To purchase Wayne’s Artwork, visit his website or see his Artwork Available for Purchase in the W.A.R.A. Premium Members Gallery.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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