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Announcing the WARA – Western Art Rodeo Association.

The Western Art Rodeo Association eliminates thousands of dollars in cost to the Artist.  It also allows anyone who wants to compete to do so regardless of status. It is a vital educational tool to both artists’ and the public as to what constitutes and defines quality art. It allows the artist to gain recognition for the quality of their work without the high cost of traditional advertising.

There are literally thousands of quality artist out there that until now would never be recognized on the level their work deserves, due to the lack of financing.  In addition, art collectors have also been denied the opportunity of seeing and collecting that work because it never had the chance to be exposed.

Other benefits include the chance for the artist to make money regardless of sales, the opportunity of continual exposure through the WARA website.

As a competition the best work will rise to the top naturally. This competitive and entertaining environment will soon become the premier outlet for collectors to purchase work that contains artistic credibility and investment quality.

This concept will also prove to be a highly lucrative avenue for the art product manufacturer and art related services.

The Western Art Rodeo concept itself is very simple; the artist becomes a competitor where they enter their work, pay an entrance fee and compete for prize money. Their work will be judged on the merits of quality, therefore being recognized for their understanding and application of art principles.

This concept satisfies a tremendous need in this industry by providing a equal opportunity to every western artist out there at minimal cost and hassle and will continue to satisfy this need in diffidently.

The art world needs the Western Art Rodeo Association and we would love to have your support as a member.

Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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