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I found the video below on the CBS Youtube Channel and found it quite interesting. (Be patient – the video below sometimes starts with a short advertisement.)

Coeur d'Alene Art Auction - Western Art Auction

Coeur d'Alene Art Auction - 2009

The video tells about the annual Coeur d’Alene Art Auction – how it became so big that it had to be moved from Idaho to Reno, Nevada to acommodate the crowds.

Tens of Millions of dollars change hands at this yearly auction, but there are also “lesser known” artists that emerge each year.

The success of the Coeur d’Alene art auction proves that even in a struggling economy, artwork of any type can thrive (and sell) if it is put in the right environment.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. (I was amazed at the price some of these pieces brought!)

Important – Be patient, the video might start with a short advertisement, then gets into the Western Art portion.

Now, what if there was a way to put serious art collectors in the same building with the best artists? I’m not talking about only well known artists, but also the artists that nobody knows about – YET.

What if anyone was allowed to “throw their hat in the ring” and have their artwork judged on the fundamentals of fine art against others works in front of  live judges, and a live audience?

What would happen then?

I guess we will find out soon as The Western Art Rodeo Association gains momentum.

If you’re this “type of artist” that would love to see artwork stand on it’s own merits – and be judged on the fundamentals of fine art – without regard to advertising budgets, The Western Art Rodeo Association would love your support. – Join us Today!

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Artwork by Don Weller

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Artwork by Don Weller

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