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Bronze Western Art Sculptor - Bob BurkhartIf you’re tired of the same old traditional ways to market your western art, most of which are not working as well as they once did, now is the time for change.

Is it possible to Change the Entire Western Art Industry?

One of the most challenging things we continue to run into is showing Western Artists that there is a better way to market their artwork. There is no reason to continue to market artwork using old, traditional marketing methods.

However, a lot of questions come up when you’re trying to introduce a new concept to the art industry. We understand, we expect to answer these questions. We have prepared for over 6 years for these questions.

Bronze Elk Sculpture by Tobin CappIn part two of our W.A.R.A. Interview Series with Jeff Wolf, we cover the following questions:

  • How does the competition work?
  • What makes an art rodeo different from an art show?
  • Why should I join the W.A.R.A.?
  • How will the W.A.R.A. level the playing field for artists?
  • What are the Events at Art Rodeos?
  • What advantage does having an Art Sport provide to artists?

Please watch the video below to learn more about the Western Art Rodeo Association Concept and get answers to some of the most asked questions concerning the competition.

Please let us know if you have further questions so we can continue to answer them. We want all Western Artists to feel comfortable and clear on our objective and how the W.A.R.A. will change the western art industry, for the better, forever.

If you missed Interview #1 – The Introduction of the W.A.R.A. Concept – You can see it here.

A couple of other popular pages include our Frequently Asked Questions and Official Rules Page.

Be a part of a Western Art Historic Event – the Spring Challenge at Sundance is April 29, 30 -2011.

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