Western Artists at Cowboy Christmas – Las Vegas 2010

Another Good Day Painting by Rowdy BarryThe Western Art Rodeo Association is down at Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas, Nevada – 2010.

We spent some time going around to different artists introducing the Concept of The Western Art Rodeo Association and how we promote the artwork of our members.

It is our goal to aggressively promote Western Art created by our members to help them gain more recognition and ultimately, Sell more Artwork.

We had a great time talking to Rowdy Barry along with some other great western artists.

Rowdy took the time to educate us on some of his paintings and we thought others would enjoy watching it.

Watch the video below to learn more about Rowdy Barry and some of his latest paintings.

Rowdy Barry - Professional Bullfighter and ArtistSpecial thanks to Rowdy Barry for sharing his talents with the WARA.

To see more Art by Rowdy, visit Rowdy Barry.com.

Watch for more videos very soon from other fine Western Artists at the Cowboy Christmas Show in Las Vegas 2010.

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